Halo 4 Specialization unlock codes being sent out

XMNR: 343 Industries began to send out the Specialization unlock codes Friday evening for Halo 4 owners who played the Xbox 360 shooter online by November 20.

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DarkBlood1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

so the 2 specs i maxed out were not it?

im currently at level 70 and can not go any further anyways

edit: just got a reward from them lol

xtremeimport1819d ago

I got this game on day 1. preordered the limited edition.

then i had to go to germany for 2 weeks, I left on launch day, came back on the 23.

I get screwed outta this. lucky me.
but i did get to go to germany, so i shouldnt complain.

DirtyLary1819d ago

Any sensible gamer would have planned their trip around a new release.

xtremeimport1819d ago

except for it being for work.

TheRealSpy1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

I let work know in July that I would be taking off for a week starting Nov 6. Priorities man!

SJPFTL1818d ago

dont you already unlock all this with the limited edition anyways?

crxss1818d ago

still haven't received my "free gift" from M$

GuruStarr781818d ago

already got the ltd. edition, just hit level 85.... my friend is still stuck at 70 and hasn't gotten his 'gift' email from MS yet...

xtremeimport1818d ago

I wont lie, all I read was "Specialization unlock codes Friday evening for Halo 4 owners who played the Xbox 360 shooter online by November 20"


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KonaBro1819d ago

In an email earlier tonight. Check your inbox!

Certz1819d ago

Wow...then what was the point of buying the LE when the items they gave you aren't even limited!? I could have just bought the SE and waited for these to come out. Money hungry hoes


People buying the regular edition from now on will not be sent any of these codes and has to wait for community challenges.

Certz1819d ago

Yes this is true. And i believe these codes are given out to those who have played the game before Nov 20th and live in the U.S. On forums i see many people from the EU not getting the code so im not to sure about that.

GrathiusXR1818d ago

I'm from Sydney Australia and I just checked my inbox and received the code. Pity I already bought the Limited Edition of the game :\

swice1819d ago

I have the LE too. This is a bit of a downer, but doesn't LE come with access to the map-packs when they get released?


SaffronCurse1819d ago

Yeah, that LE is a complete ripoff.


Yeah the 3 first map packs comes "free" for LE edition, only reason I bought it because the Maps almost makes up for it.

swice1819d ago

LE isn't a COMPLETE ripoff.

You get a cool case, the maps, a small bit of story, early access to a couple of things.

I'm only peeved because I lost some bragging rights. That's what it comes down to. Just being honest

Sovereign591818d ago

They were limited, just for a very limited time.
I don't think they should have made leveling up past a certain point exclusive for anyone.

Certz1816d ago

Agree with this, but at least give us an exclusive armor or specialization and at least the maps that come with the LE make up for the price...them maps better be good! ;3

omi25p1819d ago

Err i have the limited edition and i was playing on the 20th, Yet i have no code at all.

iSpynal1819d ago

@CERTZ.....LE gave you access to specilizations right out of the gate, I took advantage of that and hit rogue in 4 days, so I would have the LE access for sure.....Second, you only get access to the other six(with Normel Edition) if you played War Games in the First week of one else will get them from now on.....Third, we get 3 DLC's for free and forward unto dawn, and weapon/armor skins.....LE was worth it in my books, especially for the most epic Halo since 3

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