The Gaming Community.... No Longer a Community

Long ago there was the time when playing a video game by yourself or with friends was fun; good wholesome fun. Sure things got a little competitive, you may have expressed some anger to yourself, the game, the controller, the TV ….. the wall. But at the end of the day you found yourself turning off willingly turning off the console or PC because you wanted to. You were probably happy with the progress you made in that session or it was dinner time and you needed to energize for the next round of playing.

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smashman981932d ago

Idk I feel like the article was heading in a different direction a much better direction than gamers are all about who's the best. I mean in a way that's the heart and soul of gaming dating back to pong. Hell dating back to even before video game. Everyone wants to be know as the best, that's what makes this so damn fun. Well one of the things. You wanna know what's really poisoning our community, all these entitled gamers!

ZombieNinjaPanda1931d ago

"Entitled gamers"

First of all, stop using that word.

Second, you have multiple things to thank for this new trend. 1) The Internet. Console wars and assholes have always been around believe it or not. The internet has just allowed us to see them first hand and in mass droves, in this case Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo,Apple, Pc, etc fanboys.
2) Anonymity. I shouldn't need to explain this one.

Really, there has always been problems like this in gaming, just the internet has allowed us to see it much more easily. But it doesn't also help the direction games are going in lately, enticing in people that first picked up a controller with call of duty.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

What wrong with being a pc fanboy? I am a fan of my own creation. Not of a certain corporation who I constantly feed money.

I would say being a pc fanboy makes the most sense actually.

my pc really represents me not sony, ms or ninty.

Or maybe am just a blind (?)<--Fill in the blank drone.

So saying pc fanboy is basically saying "You are a fan of what you built!!! argghhh". lol why yes I am!

caseh1931d ago

Primary blame is the internet, its given EVERYBODY a voice. You give that to kids and its bound to go horribly wrong. You see it in everything, right down to 'top 5 games of all-time' lists. When you see the likes of FF7 at #1 you can safely assume the author has no knowledge of the 15 years of gaming that came before.

XBL probably has the biggest share of muppets online, its purely down to MS including a headset with the Xbox.

PSN on the other hand isn't so bad, no mic so people need to make a consience effort to get a mic and abuse others. Still has its fair share of muppets though.

vortis1931d ago


You can't be a real PC fanboy or you would have said you were among the PC Master Race and you would have name dropped a high-end GPU or CPU combo and then said "Consoles won't have tech like this until another 10 years. Now I'm going back to play Realm of the Mad God on my GTX 680".

That's how a real PC fanboy does it.

NintyJazz1931d ago

at shutupandtakemymoney, sorry to break it to you but all those parts and software you buy for your pc? Yep they come from big corporations. So yes you are feeding multiple corporations your money.

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MeatheadMilitia1931d ago

I am not saying its bad to be competitive but there is a way to go about talking trash and being civil with your opponents

showtimefolks1931d ago

fanboys are bad for business but in a way their loud mouth attitude can help sell a game which doesn't get great advertisement budget.

fanboys have existed for a long long time even before all this mess now a days, what's truly sad is some of the editors of major gaming sites are fanboys.

it is what it is, n4g is famous for stealth disagrees lol. i hate how every day someone has to hate on wiiu than comes ps3 than xbox360 in no particular order.

people just can't accept the fact a game i like and they didn't can be so good. their opinions are facts while your opinion really doesn't matter

th3n00bg4m3r1932d ago

One thing i do not understand in the video game community is, why do you have to insult just to explain to somebody. For example:
Gamer 1: Which video game is this?
Gamer 2: OMG, F*** you, have you been living under a rock? you are retarded...ETC. It is called Half Life 2.

-GametimeUK-1932d ago

OMFG, you idiot! Have you not been keeping up with current trends?

You have to insult people to make it seem you're overall gaming knowledge is superior. People have reputations to maintain!

What a noob...

th3n00bg4m3r1932d ago

Thanks for proving my statement.

Wigriff1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Erm... I'm pretty sure -GametimeUK- was being sarcastic.

vortis1931d ago

He called you a noob, but your name is noob.

Sorry, just saying.

MeatheadMilitia1931d ago

I don't understand how people get upset because someone doesn't play a certain video game. Not everyone has the same tastes and likes as any other individual. Instead of bashing someone for not playing it, the person could explain why they find the game entertaining and what about the game keeps you going back for more. You never know, the person you're talking to might go out and give the game/genre a try just because they enjoyed your enthusiasm.

chazjamie1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

hmm this article is right. when i play fifa with a group of friends, they quick to act like a bunch of wankers and never assitst or shed some light on how they did certain things.

I dont care much for the stereotype of gamers; smelling like dirt, and being anti social cretins. but what does annoy me is they way in which they function, in how they argue, in how they demand. Its a contradiction that will never be realised, and therefore never be resolved.

ACEMANWISE1932d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

There will never be a true feeling of community using an online system that allows anonymity. With anonymity brings unaccountability. This encourages people to behave much differently, as opposed to being there in person.

There will never be a true feeling of a community if the industry is founded on division through competition. The online sector promotes their services as if it is a platform where a community is created. Yet they sell maps,modes,dlc, and passes that divide the nonpayers from the paying ones. Not only do they divide the community through high prices but they also divide everyone's gaming experience so that they cannot relate to one another. Why? They allow every gamer to personalize their own gaming experience in both online and story to the point no one can share the same memories about one product or game. Then they reward those that kill the most and prop that player up through a point/trophy system. That is on top of punishing a player for owning one console vs. another...where one version turns up superior in some way (i.e. graphics, exclusive dlc, bugs, etc.). Then to ice the cake they allow retailers to give extra content for buying at their store.

Adding to that the landscape of the industry has changed where everyone plays now, not just one audience demographic. It's not as small and hated by the public..or your family. Nothing has drawn the gaming community together stronger than during the offline era when finding another gamer, with the same passion, meant you weren't crazy or alone...even though everyone told you so.

If everyone of us here at screamed out as loud as we could in one voice it wouldn't even account for 5% of the entire gaming community. The reason being the other 95% don't care. They are too casual or ignorant about the industry to make this part of their everyday lives. The rest of us are left to destroy each other through a system they call community.

Wigriff1931d ago

Well said. Bubble up for you.


I don't understand the reasoning behind disagrees here. I say something. Everyone agrees. You say you agree with me, then one person disagrees with you...but not me.

rainslacker1931d ago

You shouldn't worry about it Ace. Disagrees mean nothing unless they actually tell you why they disagree. Debate is lost on people, which is why people don't discuss things like you talked about. Also having a large wall of text, even though well thought out, means that those 2 people disagreeing probably didn't even read it.

Admiral_BoneToPick1931d ago

HERE HERE. I agree with you 100%. Well said bubble+ coming your way :).

Software_Lover1931d ago




You make me laugh. Stop.

MeatheadMilitia1931d ago

Well said! You ever think about blogging, you let me know :)

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Hallow1931d ago

Look everybody, a well written intellectual comment right here on N4G?
Good job Ace!

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