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An apple falls from the tree, striking the head of Sir Issac Newton. Curious, he first described the phenomenon that kept people and objects from floating off into space. He found, during a little relaxing time under a tree, that objects are pulled towards larger objects by some magical, invisible force. He later went on to call this force ‘gravity’. Just as gravity was first questioned with an apple falling from a tree, Gravity Rush’s opening scene involves an apple falling form the tree. From then on you not only understand gravity, but get to control it. Initially thought to be one of the PlayStation Vita’s shinning games, does Gravity Rush live up to its pre-release hype? Close. Is there something here truly amazing? Close.

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dafegamer1999d ago

score to low for this game but opnions i guess

Canary1999d ago

78 is low?

Yeah, I know: opinions. It's just... you're is wrong.

cpayne931999d ago (Edited 1999d ago )

He didn't say 78 was a low score, he said it was too low for this game. Not the same thing.

dafegamer1999d ago

if you play the game, then you cant name many other handheld games which are better

tachy0n1999d ago

this game deserves at least an 80...

ive passed it 2 times and im on my third now, the story is so well made, the game overall is as epic as the half life series!!!

and this game already got a GOTY award!!!