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PlayStation Plus: A Service Worth Emulating?

Stuff: A press release yesterday announcing that free downloadable copies of Batman Arkham City, Limbo and Vanquish will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from December 5 is another compelling argument for PlayStation 3 owners to sign up. It's also a strong stance that Sony sees the PlayStation brand as a games player first and foremost. And with the PlayStation Plus service now available to PS Vita owners (who will be able to download Mortal Kombat and Knytt Underground for their handheld device from mid-December), Sony is sending a signal to its rivals that it values its user base. (PS Vita, PS3, Tag Invalid)

wishingW3L  +   846d ago
for a poor gamer like me PS+ is a blessing because I can play lots of games in a year by just spending $50-60 a year!
-Mika-  +   846d ago | Well said
I agree. I think it would be cool if Valve bought this type of program to it service. It could really take off.

Bubbles me up for that comment :)
Y_5150  +   846d ago
I see... you are desperate for them bubbles! XD
MAJ0R  +   846d ago
Steam doesn't need the service as they already have 10x the value of Playstation Plus.

For the autumn sale I purchased about 20 games (a couple being very big AAA games such as The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition) for a little more than $60. On top of that, I can continue playing them and not have to spend another $60 next year to renew a subscription ;)
Gaming_Guru  +   846d ago

The difference is that once downloaded I can download them again like Resident Evil 5 Golden Edition, Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Batman: Arkham City, Limbo, or Crysis 2 are just some of the games that are / were on the list.
Insomnia_84  +   846d ago
LMAO @Mika
rpd123  +   845d ago
Bubble whoring makes me want to bubble you down...
Ducky  +   845d ago
Steam already offers cloud storage, automatic updating, and discounts for free. I'd rather they keep those things free rather than turn it into a subscription.

There already are services such as IGN-Prime which gives early betas, discounts and free game per month (and that's a free game that you get to keep even after subscription runs out)

... there's also Gamefly and OnLive which offer subscription-based service if you want access to a library of 'free' games.
Valve doesn't need to follow suit.
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TheGrimOfDeath  +   845d ago
Is it really worth it? I know that you can keep the games for a limited time, but that's the thing 'limited'. What If I don't want PS+ anymore? Poof all my money is gone.
FunAndGun  +   845d ago
It is the same as any subscription based model. You get the stuff when you pay, you lose it when you stop paying.

Netflix, Phone, Internet service, Cable, XboxLive, Gamefly....it is all the same.

so ask yourself....is any of that other stuff worth it?

Plus is full of value. You get to play many games throughout the year for $50. Yes, your money is gone after that year, but you traded it to play games.

You can look at any payed service as money wasted, but you got the value of that service for your money, it is not wasted.
jjb1981  +   845d ago
They are only available for a limited time to download, once downloaded, they are yours to keep as long as you remain a ps+ member.
LOGICWINS  +   846d ago
The issue is that most PS3 gamers don't know/care about PS Plus...this situation is much more prevalent for 360 only gamers that only buy COD and nothing else.

Just today, I told my friend(owner of a PS3 Super Slim, Wii U, Wii, Xbox 360, Vita, DS, 3DS, and PSP) about PS Plus and he shrugged it off.

Sony needs to start advertising PS Plus more. People don't UNDERSTAND what its all about.
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guitarded77  +   846d ago
So because your friend shrugged it off, most gamers don't want it? Your friend is representative of most gamers? Over on the PlayStation Blog, most gamers have a + icon on their profile... and on my friends list on PS3/PSV, the majority of my friends have a + icon next to their avatar. I think + is something all PS3/PSV gamers should consider for the cloud storage alone. Even if they don't want the games, it's a good insurance policy in case one's PS3 crashes... everything is saved in the cloud for me. Butif they're not interested in new games to play each month and deep discounts on other titles, they're probably the type of gamers who just play a couple games anyway, and could reasonably do without +.
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StrongMan  +   845d ago
He needs to take the word "logic" out of his name for thinking his friend = the world.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   845d ago
On my friends list I'm the only one that has +. All of them know what it is but they are hesitant to sign up for it. I've told those that have asked about the value that I get out of it. I'll never get Live Gold again unless they start giving away "freebies" like + does.
LOGICWINS  +   845d ago
I didn't say most gamers didn't want it. Nice try putting words in my mouth Strongman. I said nothing about "the world". I said most PS3 gamers don't want it. MOST PS3 owners aren't PS Plus members. FACT.

@guitarded- You criticize me for using my friend as a benchmark for all PS3 gamers(whom I was just using as an example, not a benchmark), but its okay for you to suggest that the gamers on the PS Blog/ur PSN friends list are indicative of mainstream PS3 owners? Hypocrisy?
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SIdepocket  +   845d ago
Well, you did say "most PS3 gamers don't know/care about PS Plus", and then used your friends as the primary example.
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guitarded77  +   845d ago

I wasn't criticizing you. I was simply pointing out your generalization and offering a comparison of other gamers who use the service. I agree that Sony needs to let more people know about the service... a commercial would be nice. I think you're too sensitive for real debate and open discussion. I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings, just trying to have a real discussion.
Nicaragua  +   846d ago
They should definitely bundle 6 months of PS+ subscription in with every new PS3, Vita, and eventually PS4. that way every new playstation customer would have some form of exposure to it from the start.
Godchild1020  +   846d ago
They offer a month and most recently 3 months (Black Friday) and now a year for the 3G model of the Vita.

I think a month is more than enough time to learn about plus, use it and know if its for you or not.
sway_z  +   846d ago
No 6 months is too long! PS+ is a business, not a charity.

90 days should be the limit to free trials. I want Sony to make money from PS+ so they can improve the service going fwd.

MS makes 100's of millions each year from Gold members...Sony need that kind of additional revenue.

Sony need to promote PSN, PS+ and PS Home to the casual audience more so than the core.

I personally know girls (real girls, yes REAL! not shemale avatars lol) who have bought a 12GB PS3 on the cheap just to use PS Home and things like TV catch up and music video services. This type of user does not necessarily purchase PS3 for its games, but more it's social aspect.
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MikeMyers  +   845d ago
Actually, they are advertising it more. I've noticed it more and more lately and they also announced the partnership with Vita which adds even more value to the service.

It's become part of the bundle packages as well, just Like Microsoft does by offering a trial basis for Xbox Live Gold when you buy the system.

I do think it is a good service worth emulating because what Sony has done is keep the integral part of online multiplayer apart and differentiate themselves from Xbox Live by giving consumers a real choice. Microsoft integrates everything within Xbox Live so that consumers are virtually forced to pay for the service. It's a mock-up of what cable providers do and bundling channel packages and thus making certain channels as hostage. Want one channel? Sorry, you need to bundle it with 4 other channels. Now I'm not going to get into what's better but what I will say is I like having a choice.
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SIdepocket  +   845d ago
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Sephiroushin  +   845d ago
Most PS3 gamers have it, FACT (casuals aren't count they don't buy games at all anyways)!, Most PSN+ Subscribers are happy with their subscription, FACT!
josephayal  +   846d ago
I love free games, only on PS3
ALLWRONG  +   845d ago
Until you stop paying
Rumplebumpkin  +   845d ago
You made the same comment in another article about PS+ a few weeks ago, give it a rest.

It's the way that subscription based services work.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   845d ago
Actually MS have released free games on the 360 as well as free DLC.

Kinect Fun Labs: Mars Rover Landing
Kinect Playfit
Kinect Fun Labs: 5 Micro Lab Challenge (NEW)
Doritos Crash Course
Game Room
Harms Way
Hexic HD
Intel Discovered
Kinect Fun Labs - Kinect Rush: Snapshot
Kinect Fun Labs – Air Band
Kinect Fun Labs – Avatar Kinect
Kinect Fun Labs – Battle Stuff
Kinect Fun Labs - Bobble Head
Kinect Fun Labs - Build-A-Buddy
Kinect Fun Labs - Googly Eyes
Kinect Fun Labs – I Am Super
Kinect Fun Labs - Kinect Me
Kinect Fun Labs – Musical Feet
Kinect Fun Labs – Mutation Station
Voice Studio
Dash Of Destruction (may no longer be available unless its on a hard drive)
Aegis Wing
Happy Wars
Pinball FX2

Free DLC
Kinect Sports - Party Pack DLC
Rock Band 3 - Free DLC Pack 1
Red Dead Redemption - Outlaws to the End Co-Op Mission Pack
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Title Update
The Godfather - Title Update + $50k In-Game Money
Kameo Elements of Power - Design-A-Skin Pack + Co-Op Pack (0 point achievements but still count as an achievement Won)
Project Gothic Racing 4 - Free challenge Pack DLC

I think there is more but got tired of researching. I think the point has been made.

So you are wrong. Free games (and content) is NOT just on the PS3.
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jjb1981  +   845d ago
Those are the worst examples ever, I hope you didn't take more than 30 seconds to compile that list.
ALLWRONG  +   845d ago
Well, if he stopped paying for Live, at least he gets to keep the games.
Hicken  +   845d ago
... first of all, you took josephayal seriously.


Second: a list full of Kinect games? Which are useless to the 50-55 million 360 owners out there with no Kinect?

Third: aren't the Red Dead, Ghost Recon, and Rock Band DLC packs available on PS3 as well? I at least recall paying nothing for Outlaws to the End.

Fourth: you took josephayal seriously.

C'mon, man.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   843d ago
@ Hicken

First of all Josephayal didn't state he was not being serious so why wouldn't anyone assume he is?

Second, why does it matter if it's "kinect" games? They are still "games" which are found on the 360 given away for free by MS. The topic that Josephayal created was that free games are ONLY found on the PS3. It doesn't matter if they are Kinect games, Arcade games or retail games. They are still "games". Your rationality is very ignorant for you to pick and choose what games are classified as games.

Third, It's doesn't matter if games or DLC are also available for free on other systems. Point is, is that MS ALSO have them for free as well. Nothing was stated as "exclusive only". It still amazes me that people like you have an issue believing multiplat games are still games.

Doritos Crash Course
Game Room
Harms Way
Hexic HD
Intel Discovered
Voice Studio
Dash Of Destruction (may no longer be available unless its on a hard drive)
Aegis Wing
Happy Wars
Pinball FX2

Are all NOT Kinect games...so your argument holds no water.

Fourth, you already said not to take Josephayal seriously so technically this is not a fourth, it's just a regurgitated comment you already made.

Stop being so narrow minded and think only games on systems YOU like only count as games in a conversation about games.
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Pillsbury1  +   846d ago
Who wouldn't want free games ? Happy ps plus customer. Long live play.
Neo-Axl  +   846d ago
Put it this way, my friends who are getting a PS3 this christmas, are getting a PS+ card from me.. which means they are getting 10 free games immediatley on christmas day.

PS+ is the best thing to happen to PSN, if your avoiding it, Your a fool.
Godchild1020  +   846d ago
Isn't it more like 12, 18 if they have a Vita as well as a PS3? That is a nice gift to give someone. I did that as well, gave my nephew a month of plus and a 16 GB memory card for his Vita. If he likes plus, he will get his mother to pay for a year.

That is a wonderful gift @ Neo-Axl.
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Neo-Axl  +   846d ago
I think so dude, But these guys are brand new to the PS3 scenario, So I'll be giving them something to kick off on a good start, PS+ with MGS4, UC2 & Killzone collection.

That's an alright gift for my two best friends isn't it?
Rumplebumpkin  +   845d ago
Can I be your friend?
Neo-Axl  +   845d ago
Haha! I'm not the one buying the games man, just the PS+ card :P
SAE  +   846d ago
i joined 1 year ps+ yesterday :D

a lots of content , i played most of the ps3 stuff but i know that i wont be able to buy vita games , so it worth it for me :P , next week we will get batman / vanquish and mortal kombat for vita , didn't play them before ^^
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shempo  +   846d ago
ps+ owns xbl nuff said only the hardcore fanboys will say otherwise
sway_z  +   846d ago
PS+ is undeniably good value to everybody new to PS3 or not.

My only gripe is the inflated prices on PS Store...I mean £59.99 for Farcry 3, when I walked into HMV and picked it up for £39.99...That's £20 more for a product with zero shipping, packaging costs???

I realize the publishers themselves set the prices...but paying £20 more for a digital release is ridiculous!!!

Can't UBI-Softer with your prices??
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GribbleGrunger  +   845d ago
Is PS+ worth emulating? Free online play, 12 free PS3 titles, 5 free Vita titles, early betas, discounts and cloud storage... Is the question in any way valid?
#9 (Edited 845d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   845d ago
AND automatic downloads! :D Good post!
Gridloc  +   845d ago
And actual free to play games...
kopicha  +   845d ago
It does bring a lot of value especially after they added support for Vita. It's a win win thing especially those who actually own both PS3 and Vita. Cross buy along with PS+ for such owners just unbeatable imo. Athou like many said it is sub base to keep those games. But think about you have to actually spend to buy games on both platforms and compare to having those added good stuffs like PS+ with cross buy, you really do save a lot there. Best of all PS+ is not mandatory to have but just better to have it especially when you compare to some other services which is more like you NEED to have and it does not actually bring you as much value despite the NEED.

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