The Internet Is Freaking Out About A Half Life Update

This morning Half Life 2: Episode 2 updated along with most of the other games that were developed by Valve. The official reason for this update was to add Big Picture support to Valve's different games. But then why was Half Life 2's update nearly 300MB bigger than every other update? That's the question on everyone's mind. And things get even more complicated when you involve the cryptic video posted below.

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rrquinta1302d ago

oh half-life... will they rumors never cease?

ninjahunter1302d ago

"Our new world order begins"

jony_dols1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

5th Dec 2012 unveiling.

Look's like its going to be the unveiling of Respawn Entertainment's new game, with an extended trailer at the VGA's on the 7th.

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pixelsword1301d ago

UPDATE!: As previously suspected. the video isn't related to Half Life. It has been revealed to be a new Machinima show. So at least that mystery was put to bed. Now we just have to wait until people finish digging through Half Life's files.

You can view the official Steam thread where this is all going down below.

Okay, so this story is bunk.

Move on.

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FanboyPunisher1302d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
wlchrbandit1301d ago

This video is for Machinima Respawn, nothing to do with Halflife or Valve.

The Machinima Respawn team have been teasing a change of their channel and the shows they produce for a couple of months now. They've (Sark and APL) bean repeatedly mentioning a "change", and "something big" that's happening to Respawn, but have been unable to give any details. Recently they've stopped uploading their weekly shows, now they upload this.

brish1301d ago

"The Internet Is Freaking Out About A Half Life Update"

I'm not freaking out about it.

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Capt-FuzzyPants1302d ago

What is that like binary code or something?

Knight_Crawler1302d ago

Its actually a live count of how many calories Gabe Newell consumes per millisec.

Trago13371302d ago

Congrats, that's another 3 month delay for half life 3, when will you guys learn lmao.

vortis1302d ago


Even with all the jokes stacked it still doesn't equate to Gabe's weight.

But it doesn't matter, if we were to measure Half-Life 3's delay in Gabe's food intake it would be indefinite.

Let the good times roll...and roll...and roll.

LordLaguz1301d ago

A fat joke a day keeps episode 3 away~

poo3429472947921301d ago

I wanna see gabe's neck fat fight it out with George lucas' neck fat in an all out battle of the turkey necks live on the interwebz

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Mocat1302d ago

i can, but i have no intrest in this sorry

WildArmed1302d ago

"Our new world order begins"

KingPin1301d ago

the decoded message reads

"keep waiting motherf$%kers. episode 3 will never come but we will continue to tease you to keep ourselves relevant in your lives. you actually have a better chance of playing duke nukem forever 2 than HL:E3. peace be with you"

aGameDeveloper1301d ago

There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

Bloodraid1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Indeed, friend.

Also, the number of people on here who acting as though binary is some mythical language of the gods is hilarious.

Besides, 'technically' it's not even the binary that matters here. It's most likely to be converted into base-10 or base-16 before being paired up with an ASCII chart anyway.

Bloodraid1301d ago

Yeah, I downloaded it and translated it. It says: "our new world order begins"

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strangelove1302d ago

The binary reads "Our New World Order Begins" the news article explains a few of the going ons currently happening with this video and the update.

Norrison1302d ago

I can see how that relates to half life, since half life it's an anti new world order game. But it says respawn team

PhantomTommy1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

There really isn't any solid evidence to suggest that the video is Half-Life related so I refuse to get my hopes up again. I am very curious about the 300mb update though....

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