Best Games Of Last Generation: Devil May Cry


An Awesome Hack 'N Slash

Devil May Cry. While that name may not have much meaning this generation (mainly referring to a sawed-off fourth installment and a reboot that's looking questionable at best), Devil May Cry was a pretty awesome action game back in the day, one that not only spawned two sequels and an immense fanbase, but fast and frantic sword-and-gun gameplay that had us thinking on the fly about what move or combo to use on whatever pathetic foe may unfortunately walk into Dante's path.

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shempo2000d ago

god of war 2 was the best game of last generation and the sales,awards and reviewers testemony speak for itself

kratos_TheGoat2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

laughing my fucking ass out devil may cry over god of war 2 game of the year for ps2 everybody know god of war 2 was beyond greatness from start to finish plus gow 2 have the best ending ever epic that was thanks to Santa Monica Studio.
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