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Is the Nintendo Wii U really Next Gen?

Xbox and Playstation users are looking forward to witnessing new experiences on the next gen consoles that they can't get on their current rigs. A prime example would be Battlefield 3 64 players in game, just like their PC counterparts. One would imagine that a Next Gen console would have no trouble delivering these types of experiences. But is something like this possible with the Nintendo Wii U? (Battlefield 3, Nintendo, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Zuperman  +   689d ago
Answer: I believe it's just an upgrade to their current wii system. Next gen? No.
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PopRocks359  +   688d ago
An upgrade typically is added onto something that already exists. If the Wii U was an attachment to the Wii (similar to the Sega CD/32X) I'd agree, but it's a brand new console.

By definition, coming a generation after the Wii, it is a next generation console.
Y_5150  +   688d ago
The perfect response.
MikeMyers  +   688d ago
Precisely. There is nothing to dictate what next gen is based purely on specs. If that was the case then how do you ignore the PC and it's ability to erase all of that?

The Wii U is next gen because it's the successor to the Wii. This whole next gen talk has been torn apart long ago because the systems are not running on the same parallel. The Wii was not HD but the Xbox 360 and PS3 were. Yet the PS3 had bluray which was a next gen format at the time. It's become way too complicated to make sense of and frankly none of it matters. When you have a company like Epic goiung from Unreal Engine 3 to 4 is that also classified as next gen? How about Square-Enix and their new engine?

The only people who seem to care are the console gamers that love to cause friction with one another. They are the ones who are eager to say the Wii U isn't powerful and that the new PS4 and Xbox 720 will be true next gen. Their whole purpose is to plague the forums with this garbage of choosing sides by continuing the cycle of supporting one company over the other.
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dboyc310  +   688d ago
I'm getting tired of these articles already. We know that it isn't next gen hardware so I truly don't see why they keep bringing it up. To me next gen is referring to the successor of the a console. If that's the case then yea I do consider it next gen.
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Eyeco  +   688d ago
Honestly wether it's next gen or last gen doesn't even matter, what does matter is that the Wii-U was hyped to appeal to the "hardcore gamer" which is another word for PS3 an 360 gamers. Heres the deal, 360 and PS3 owners have no real reason to buy a console that plays games that they already own or can already play with zero graphical difference.

Its a great console if you only owned a Wii last gen, but for PS3 and 360 owners it's a pass, I'll buy it for games like Metroid and Zelda.But if your a PS3 and 360 owner chances are you don't care about Mario, Metroid or Zelda, i just don't see any reason for PS3 and 360 owners to but the console as of right now.
Pushagree  +   688d ago
Nintendo hasn't been next gen ever since they adopted the Wii name. Gamecube was the last console they put any effort into. I still like nintendo for handheld minigames on the DS, but I have lost all respect for them in the home console market because they just don't try any more.
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Samus HD  +   688d ago
again with this lame theory...
than ps3 is an upgrade of ps2 only HD and better internet -4- ... and so on
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MehmetAlperTR  +   688d ago
PS3 is not Upgrade of PS2

PS3 => HD PS2 =>NO
PS3=> 3D PS2 =>NO
PS3=> Six Axis Controller PS2=>NO
PS3= HDD PS2=> Use Only Mem. Card
PS3=> Bluray PS2=> DVD
Are you blind to dont see this or you are just another NÄ°NFanboy??

Wii U=> Motion Controller Wii= Yes
Wii U=>Led Screen on a Joypad Wii= NO
Wii U=> Unknown DVD Type Wii=> DVD
Wii U=>Pro Controller Wii=>No
Wii U=> HD Wii=> No..
So tell me your opinion. Which is just an Upgrade ? Which is new Console?
ChickeyCantor  +   688d ago
" Wii U=> Motion Controller Wii= Yes "

Ah yes. I remember PS1 and Ps2 having such different designs they are worlds apart.

" Wii U=> Unknown DVD Type Wii=> DVD "

It's not a "dvd" type.
It's more equivalent to the bluray standard.

3 out of 5 points were supposedly a no.
In what way makes the "no" the PS3 not a "upgrade"?

Do you even think before you type down whatever you type down?

Are you blind to dont see this or you are just another SONyfanboy?? ( Hey the grammar isn't mine,lol )
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MehmetAlperTR  +   688d ago

I m not a Sony Fanboy. I have PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. I m playing my games usually at my PC. And sorry about my grammer. English is not my mother languege. I m Turkish. I learned English via RPG Games like FF7-FF8. And about Nintendo. I m sorry. But i dont agree with you. Wii U's disc type is not a Bluray not a DVD.. It's something special which is belong to Wii U. And i m really sure you get what i really mean. PS3 is not an UPGRADE of PS2. But i can say that Wii U is not Upgrade of Wii also. But PS3 was a huge jump, after PS2. But i can not say the samething about Wii U after Wii ( and PS3, Xbox 360 ). Well i m waiting for PS4 and Xbox 720 ( or whatever they call it ). And i ll decide to buy one or two console again. But because of the exclusive games i really want that PS4 will be a good machine. And about Nintendo again. They have exculusive games also. But only Zombi U had my interest. Mario, Pikmin and other Exc. Games are not my type of games. Well I m saying just opninion here. I would like to see and play games like;

Heavenly Sword, God Of War, Uncharted, Fable, Gears Of War, The Last Of Us, Killzone, Crysis, Mortal Kombat, A REAL Horror Resident Evil ( NOT RE6 ), A real horror Silent Hill ( Not a Downpour ), A real horror Dead Space like 1 &2 ( Not a DS3 i dont like coop in Horror games )..Tomb Raider, Tekken, A good JRPG Games like FF7 and FF8, Bioshock Games and EXTC. ( I don't like Little Big Planet, Ratchet and Clank and Heavy Rain also.. Those were not my kinda games. )
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CalvinKlein  +   688d ago
no, its 3 gens back
waltyftm  +   688d ago
tigertron  +   688d ago
The next console cycle, which you can say is next-gen, but in terms of hardware then no, it's current gen.
lorcraven  +   688d ago
Not to me it isn't. I know I'd certainly be dissatisfied if the next generation xbox or play station were like that.
Blackcanary  +   688d ago
Just say it like this the WII U is a Next gen console for Nintendo but its not the starting of the next gen for Sony and Microsoft the Next Gen for them won't start till they bring out there new consoles and will be a completely different next gen when it comes to graphics and power.
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ChickeyCantor  +   688d ago

I just like the fact that people are willing to miss out on some content because they are so concerned with hardware.

I can understand the notion of money not growing on a tree. So you want to make a good investment. And if you think Wii U is not worth your money that is perfectly fine.
What I personally believe is not fine, is the constant denigration towards plastic and hardware. What is it you are trying to achieve?

Who really gives a crap if it's next gen or not?
At the end of the day the software matters. And to this day even old games have stood the test of time.

Yes better hardware means scalability for games. Doesn't necessarily mean "better" games.

If only we could focus on enjoying the game instead...
schlanz  +   688d ago
Exactly. Play games, not consoles.
Tiqila   688d ago | Immature | show
nintendoland  +   688d ago
Who gives a fuck if you don't name it next gen? ur just wasting time
SugarSoSweet  +   688d ago
Hell No!
Chrono  +   688d ago
For Nintendo, yes, because Wii is very weak compared to Wii U. For the others, no.
Tiqila  +   688d ago
its the same next gen ps3 and 360 are currently in
ape007  +   688d ago
id say wiiu is 1 to 1.5 xbox 360
sway_z  +   688d ago
The question should be.....

Does the term 'Next Gen' hinder your (personal) enjoyment of a product?

The answer should be No...or you should quit Video Games as a hobby ;)
Realplaya  +   688d ago
It's these arguments that do nothing but make ninitendo look good.
All these non experts come on and share there knowledege, and give advice but there not experts. But we have people followng there words like lambs to a slaughter because they think it validates there points.

If you have a child that is 6' foot tall and he has a child that is 5' tall does does height determine that child isn't next gen?
The answer is no that 5' child is still next generation.
I guess we won't proclaim nintendo next generation until they make a game that can not be prodiced on the the other two systems and puts out a game or two that looks better or the next offerings of sony or microsoft.
Once that happens I hope all these internet journalist and internet tech gangsters come back and admit there wrong.
stonecold3  +   688d ago
i would say no its part 7 generation until the 8 generation starts ps4 and xbox 720 nintendo will more likely more likely bring forward a 8 generation and bring a new console out
5eriously  +   688d ago
["Is the Nintendo Wii U really Next Gen?"]
YES! but for a very short while till the 720 and "PS4" launch, then it's back to the level of an old gen!
mydyingparadiselost  +   688d ago
It's not next gen, it's NEW gen. :-)
JonnyBigBoss  +   688d ago
It offers experiences we've never had before. Of course it's next gen.
metroidfusion2  +   688d ago

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