PS3 sales continue gain amid Blu-ray win

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 continued to gain on Tues. following an announcement from Toshiba Corp. that it will leave the HD DVD business by Mar.
The 40GB PS3 SKU increased 75 percent in sales at on Tues. to rank as the No. 8 best-selling product in the Video Games division.

The product last week held a 60 percent sales gain on Sat. to rank at the No. 10 position.

Each PS3 sold includes a Blu-ray disc drive to play new high-definition format films.

Sony in Jan. said that 83 percent of PS3 owners watch Blu-ray disc format titles on their PS3, and that 84 percent intend to always purchase or rent Blu-ray movies.

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PStriple7033679d ago

funny there's so much great ps3 new lately, guy's remember this time last year....

jwatt3679d ago

yea, a complete turnaround.

games4fun3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

i remember arguing with people who were saying blu ray wasnt useful at all. the next thing on the list to really put some extra bullets in the chamber would be home and xmb soon.

marinelife93679d ago

Why wouldn't anyone listen to us? It wasn't like we were lying to them.

gambare3679d ago

but we have to wait and see how this year evolves, in any case this will be a good year for gaming.

crck3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Check out this article from May of last year. I saved it just for an occasion like this:

Now check out this newer article from the same guy:

Acting like he never said PS3 would be 3rd place forever. Someone should make a list of all these fools from last year and call them out.

aceman73679d ago

Bad PS3 news came out almost every single day, Sony couldn't catch a break at all.

sonarus3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

hahaha nice one crck. 360 fans rubbed it in deep too they got arrogant funny how much difference a yr can make. Last yr it was terrible. I bought a 360 bought i saved up money for a whole yr first to buy an hdtv and then to drop 600 bucks which was actually 800 bucks plus 1 game extra controller hdmi cable and tax. Damn to spend that much money and see so much bad news was painful to bear. Almost gave it up but i knew worst case scenario i would be able to play MGS4 on ps3 and to me that was worth every penny. If mgs4 had gone to 360 during those bad times i jst might have given up but it didnt lol

TheTwelve3679d ago

You think this is amazing? Wait until Christmas. It won't even be fair to be a competitor of Sony.


C_SoL3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I just knew it was complete BS. I knew that they*(people who doubted the PS3) were gonna be eatin those words sooner or later.

Now Xbox fanboys are eating it even worst & I doubt that it's gonna stop.

sonarus3679d ago

The good news is blu ray awareness will contine to rise which simply means more ps3 sales. In game xmb and home should be coming in soon so even for more casual ppl they can just hang out in home and shoot pool and bowl or spend time setting up their apt. The mega games will be coming soon and there simply isnt a better time for rising momentum. Now for those of you just buying ps3's why not give warhawk a shot i noticed on the global rankings only 471,000 users. For a great game like warhawk they deserve a lot more

cmrbe3679d ago

seriously, i don't want to remember last year. I get really angry when i think about it again.

rofldings3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Quick, anyone got a link to that article about the PS2 going to fail and dreamcast supposedly better because it was cheaper and didn't waste money on "unnecessary" things like a DVD drive?

I can't find it...

Edit: Found it, here it is if anyone else is looking for it:

If you changed "PS2" to "PS3" / "Dreamcast" to "360" / and "2000" to "2008", it would sound just like any anti-ps3 article today. :o

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Maddens Raiders3679d ago

I do remember. And never doubted this outcome for a moment. The true PlayStation gamer inside of me won't let me stand on soapboxes and shout to the sky in proudful gloating and gratuitous bragging. I'll remain as the state of my console: Classy.

TheD_R_E3679d ago

Us PS3 owners will continue to be a respectable class of gamers despite the obvious troll ammo that we have at the moment.

DarkSniper3679d ago

The tides have definately turned for what was a extremely tarnishing image of PLAYSTATION® 3 around this time in 2007. Devil May Cry 4 had just been announced for 360 and same with Virtua Fighter online.

Now this is a completely different momentum shift as Sony plays the ball game the same way they have for over 12 years. And that's to win.

Bubbles to PStriple703 and Madden's Raiders


blacsheep3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

play nice now your ban has finished from the gamerzone because you do make good intelligent points! im going to give you bubbles because man you need them,now keep your comments clean and stay in the gamerzone!

maddenraiders well said your taking inspiration from your avatar bubbles for you to

PStriple7033679d ago

it was rough for all of us, but worth it

Hatchetforce3679d ago

Madden and I talked about this. Games like Uncharted were quietly blocked from Game of the Year nominations as were nominations for games like Heavenly Sword. And it still didn't help. People like Round Peg were warned though.

Prepare to reap the whirlwind. Reap it.

Maddens Raiders3679d ago

and thanks mostly to KK and the rest of the PlayStation family for sticking to the course, battling through the fog and staying true to form. I just wish KK didn't have to walk through the ring of fire to see his "baby" come full circle.

Three times is a charm and the PS3 is definitely charming many around the globe right now. #23 Warmonger - it's funny you bring up Gabe Newell and let's not forget Nolan Bushnell who both, along with others took a collective dump on Blu-ray and Sony way before Heavenly Sword was released. Those guys have definitely got to be scratching their bald spots right now. Bubbles to all PS3 fans and lovers of the truth. It's still just stunning how this machine and it's inseperable format managed to weather the Super Massive Hurricane that was blowing them from their foundation, managed to hold on and shockkkkkkkk the world.


Genesis53679d ago

Been a proud PS3 owner since Feb. 07 Didn't even consider an alternative. Always been happy with the Playstation brand and the quality products that Sony makes(that sounds pretty fanboyish,oh well).

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vloeistof3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

wow so much good sony/blu-ray/ps3 news .

now we just need resistance 2 trailer.

yes those would be welcome to

beavis4play3679d ago

and one for KZ2

and one for FFXIII

and new info on a new "jak and daxter" or uncharted?

rawd3679d ago

With all the worldwide sales of PS3, I can't wait til PSN Home comes out. That virtual world is going to be PACKED, so kewl

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