Wii U is blatantly better than PS3 and Xbox 360 COMBINED

The Wii U has had a chance to settle in North America, and just recently hit shelves in Europe. The question on everybody's lips is, of course -- is the Wii U the best home console in the world, and should I throw away every other expensive electronic device in my house out of pure spite?

The answer to both those questions is, of course, yes. Smash it all. Including your television. You won't need that anymore, because the GamePad basically is one.

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-Mezzo-1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

This was Childish, not Hilarious.

I understand that this is a spoof/sarcastic article, but they stopped being funny a long time ago.

Christopher1874d ago

Jim Sterling hasn't learned how to grow out of this type of 'humour' it seems.

rpd1231873d ago

Satire isn't always supposed to be funny. He had a point, and he made it.

violents1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I thought it was Hilarious and childish, but mostly hilarious. Its almost like stan marsh and sarcastiball from southpark.

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AfricanGamer9ja1874d ago

A so called next gen hardware that has a slowrer GPU as the ps360 is supposed to be better? This is just a troll article looking for hits, i could not help but feed the troll writer of this article by posting a comment. :/

crazysammy1874d ago

I know you didnt read or watch because you didn't want to support it but I will clear this article up for you. Anything that says "Blatantly" and is from Destructoid is a parody/satire regarding the ridiculousness of comparing such things. I agree this one wasn't very funny but it wasn't a troll post looking for hits at all.

SonyNGP1874d ago

Gonna go straight to the point. Comments on this article will not be as funny as they are on DT.

live2play1874d ago

very true
even troll hater comments are funny
a way better community than this dump

XboxInnovation1874d ago

It is when u take into account the RAM

kma2k1874d ago

lmao that was funny thank you!

lifesanrpg1874d ago

I understand he's being completely sarcastic here, but having motion tracker in Aliens: Colonial Marines is actually pretty cool. Sorry that Jim Sterling thinks I'm lame for liking that..

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The story is too old to be commented.