Wii U: Success or Fail?

Squishy gives her opinion on the survival rate of the Wii U. What are your thoughts? Is this system gonna help bring Nintendo to the forefront of gaming? She thinks not.

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OneAboveAll1970d ago

Too early to tell. It only has like 6 games. Let's wait and see what developers can really do before we put up these stupid articles yea?

PopRocks3591970d ago

Over twenty games, actually. But yes, it would be better to wait and see.

guitarded771970d ago

Yes, yes... wait and see. But it's pretty successful in this household. I still want growth of features like Miiverse which has so much potential. I'd also like to see a trophy/achievement system especially since people are sharing screenshots of them beating a game or a time on Miiverse, trophies/achievements would make this better.

Outside_ofthe_Box1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Too early to tell indeed. I don't know what's up with people being so quick to put the success/fail tag on products nowadays. Give the $h** time.

StanSmith1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

I agree. Sadly, we're going to end up with the same tags once the next Xbox/PS4 release.

Last year it was the 3DS. Most of this year, it was the Vita and now it's Wii U's turn. It's ridiculous.

tiffac0081970d ago

I agree, this type of question is premature to say the least.

The console hasn't even been out for over a month.

Perjoss1970d ago

i agreed, and i used my WiiU browser to do it :)

GreenRanger1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It will be a success to its fans and a failure to its haters regardless of how many it sells.

StanSmith1970d ago

I wished the PS3/360 only crowd would try the Wii U.

When I tried mine when it arrived today, it felt weird. For the first 30 mins, I wondered if I made the wrong decision in purchasing it. An hour later and after playing multiple titles with it though, you really do see just how great it is.

It isn't something you can try for 5 mins on an instore demo unit. You need at least an hour with it to fully understand why many think Nintendo is on to something with the gamepad.

Also, I can't believe ZombiU got some bad reviews. It's fantastic! Easily one of the most atmospheric games this gen. It's a real survival horror game.

Outside_ofthe_Box1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's about the games. As of right now personally the Wii U doesn't have any games I want or any game that I'm eager to play right now. Even if I did enjoy playing with the Wii U what's the point in buying a the system now when it doesn't have any games that I'm extremely excited to get my hands on? I believe a lot of people's perception about the Wii U will change over the next couple of years as the games start rolling out though.

StanSmith1970d ago

Totally agree with you. As awesome as the gamepad is to me now, if Mario and ZombiU had missed the launch lineup, i wouldn't have bothered with it yet either.

I'll be skipping ME3 and Batman though as there really isn't much point to me buying them seen as I played them on 360/PS3. Still don't understand why they didn't include the full ME Trilogy on Wii U.

rainslacker1970d ago

I tried it (solely PS3 this gen) and love it. Would like to see more games that take advantage of the controller in a meaningful way, but other than that it is a solid system, with a few software quirks that they need to iron out. Still love my PS3 too and play it every day.

Haters are gonna hate, their loss IMO.

MonopolyRSV1970d ago

Mario Kart will be good but thats it.

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The story is too old to be commented.