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Hitman: Absolution Review | GameArena

GameArena: "Hitman Absolution is a mistake. Even if in your mind the plot loops all the way past 'so bad it's bad' and back to 'so bad it's good' again, Hitman Absolution has more bugs than a service station meat pie and less direction than a headless chicken. A genuinely fun mode like Contracts can't save that. IO Interactive needs to restart from the Blood Money checkpoint and try again - they screwed up this run spectacularly." (Hitman: Absolution, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 3/10

Valenka  +   1004d ago
I didn't much care for it compared to the other Hitman games, but a 3/10 is way too low. I think someone just wants hits to their website.
bayonetta  +   1004d ago
A Short History about Arena Games
Halo 4 - 5.5/10
Hitman - 3/10
Heavy Rain - 4.5/10
Devil May Cry 4 - 6.5/10
Soulcalibur V - 6/10
Bayonetta - 5/10
gran turismo 5 - 7/10
Zelda Sky Sword - 7.5/10
COD Black Ops 2 - 8.5/10
FF XIII-2 - 6.5/10
and Dead or Alive:Xtreme 2 take 1/10
yes its only Valley Ball and racing
but this is not superman 64
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Cam977  +   1004d ago
So this reviewer finds this to be the same quality as BLACK OPS: DECLASSIFIED? Haha! They should just quit gaming.

Don't click on it, they get hits and hits equal money.
Lionalliance  +   1004d ago
What's with all the mixed reviews?
ThichQuangDuck  +   1004d ago
It does deviate from the Blood Money formula to be much more story based and at times linear. I feel it is a necessary step and Hitman will be able to do a lot more next generation. Hitman Absolution is more not what many expected including myself but I would not give it a 3/10. The summary of the review comes off as a rant rather than a review. Numbers dont matter read the substance
McSpermie  +   1004d ago
People are reviewing the game from different perspectives. There are those who rate the game for what it is, and as such give it good reviews. Then there are those who review it as a Hitman title, and they feel it's terrible as that. I can understand both perspectives, both make sense to me.
Der_Kommandant  +   1004d ago
No, no, no, just... no.
2pacalypsenow  +   1004d ago
dkgshiz  +   1004d ago
3/10...this is what you give to broken games that don't work. These reviewers really have no more credibility with the crap reviews they push out.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1004d ago
When gaming journalism crawls up and dies, apparently it goes to GameArena.

Abdou23  +   1004d ago
Everyone is entitled to his opinion. But this score is ridiculous. .
Klonopin  +   1004d ago
This reviewer woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
TMonkey  +   1003d ago
Hitman Absolution Challenge Submission - http://tinyurl.com/cwbdqs3

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