You won't believe how small the Wii U Game Pad's battery actually is

Disappointed that your Wii U Game Pad only gets 4 or 5 hours on a single charge. Well you may be even more disappointed when you see that the battery inside the controller doesn't even take up most of the space in the compartment it is housed in.

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G20WLY1998d ago

It keeps the costs down, I suppose, which brings profit forward. :(

deafdani1998d ago

Actually, yes, I believe it. It's the only reason for such a short battery life, seeing how most tablets have twice that or more.

neogeo1998d ago

3 parties batteries on the way

jmc88881998d ago

This has already been made known a week or two ago.

There is also going to be a NYKO battery pack add on that will double it's life. In the U.S. it shows as $19.99.

Besides, the controller works when charging and the cable is pretty long. Haven't measured it but probably like 8 feet.

There will probably be other battery solutions in time as well. But as is it's not that bad, with the Nyko solution, it'll be fine.

Meanwhile if you own a pro controller its charge will last 80 hours, so there are a lot of options of what one can do.

TruthbeTold1998d ago

Milking the 'I got it first' crowd. Nintendo always does this to us. Could be worse, like it was with the 3DS. But no doubt within a year or so new consoles and game pads will come with a more substantial battery - that lo and behold, fits right into the original housing...