Ninja Theory Looking At DmC Devil May Cry Demo Feedback

Siliconera- Capcom held a DmC Devil May Cry fan Q&A this morning with Ninja Theory’s Dom Matthews. During the Q&A, Matthews fielded a number of rapid-fire questions from fans regarding various aspects of the game, including the recent demo and feedback received from it.

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Snookies121970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah sure... I already heard it straight from that Tameem dude who's in charge of the game. They don't care what fans think, it's going to ship exactly how it is. It was insulting to see how he treated fans who brought up serious issues with the demo.

AHall881970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

What are those serious issues?
I only played the demo for about ten minutes or so and was actually enjoying it, I didn't do the boss fight though.
Not trying to pick an argument or anything, just curious.

NovusTerminus1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

It's all kind of technical... Short reply would be "It's not DMC"

They changed pretty much everything about the controls, art, and gameplay. DMC3 and 4 was about stringing short combo's together, to make larger combos... Now, he just does 15 hit combo's by mashing triangle... I made a short video with a few issue's I'd found, planning to start shooting another today.

And the "Demon Dodge" is broken, though not in that video.

All in all, it is like handing Zelda to off to a western studio, that turns him into something more akin to Conan. It just doesn't feel like DMC, or look like it... And the gameplay is way to simple minded for a Devil May Cry entry.

frelyler1970d ago

DMC 1 is my all time favorite video game ever. The cheesy dialogue, over the top action, the athestics, all the insane difficulties of which I beat everyone and still have the save on my ps3 fatty to prove it all make up in my mind one of the most pioneering bad ass action games ever. Having said all that I hated the new DMC when it was first announced, but then I got to play the demo. I must say changing the controls the way they did and going with a sub 60fps were huge risks, but the pudding is in the play and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe it's because nothing good in the action game genre has come out in a while, but i thought it was actually pretty good. I like the fact I have to learn a new control scheme, but it still retains some of the button press patterns of old. I have only sunk about an hour into the combat in the demo, but if someone like me who holds DMC so high feels the way I do, then surely others may be overstating their hatred for nostalgia's sake. Sure the initial trailer and new look were crap, but were actually getting a fleshed out story instead of a paragraph in the intro describing the whole plot. See I love DMC so much that I want to see a story because I love the character so much, as long as the action is there and so far it seems it is. I hated the direction they took with 4 and only hinted at cool story elements from the past games. At least this time we get to play as Dante. I'll play the whole game before I give final judgement but I must say it does not seem all bad at this point.

VileAndVicious1962d ago


Dude you took the words right out of my mouth and I agree with you 100 percent DMC1 will always be the best in the franchise to me and Ive always held it in high regard. I really enjoyed the new DMC demo but I think alot of people dont like it because they are comparing it to DMC 3 and DMC 4 (sparatic combo driven over the top gameplay) to me this reboot is more in line with the first two DMC games instead. Its still very different but I dont know how to describe it but to me at least while its different it really does feel like a Devil may cry game.

Jinkies1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


Have you seen the video Hanso posted on the last DMC article, the guy in the video shows you tweets of fans giving NT feedback and that prick Tameemi Antoniades basicaly saying how it's not a problem and thats theres nothing wrong with the game

It's the best video for any other ignorant people saying "People are ONLY complaining because of the hair style"

35.24 for the tweets people

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