Thanks To PS3: Blu-ray Player Sales Well Over 10 Million

Boston (dbTechno) - The installed user base of the high-def Blu-ray format is well over 10 million players in the homes of consumers thanks to the popularity of the Sony PS3. The PS3 was a huge factor in the format war as it has a built-in Blu-ray player, compared to the Xbox 360 which required you to purchase the HD DVD player add-on drive.

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Anything but Cute3833d ago

I mean will PS3 stay the best selling Blu ray player? When will people start picking up more standalone players.

resistance1003833d ago

i suspect they will stay buying Ps3's until really affordable standalone players with 2.0 standard are introduced.

however with the format war one, Ps3's value against 360 have rose massively and could also play a big part in the console war aswell

sonarus3833d ago

PS3 40Gb is still rumored to drop another 100 dollars and i suspect stand alone devices will drop another 100 as well. PS3 will prob cruise at this price point for a while. While competition from other blu ray manufacturers should start to drive the prices down

paracardium3833d ago

I still have more games then Bluray movies but now maybe the movies will drop in price abit.. alot of good flicks coming our way!

sonarus3833d ago

agreed. blu ray movies are a bit expensive i believe they should start retailing for 19.99 on amazon its usually about 22

fartanspartan3833d ago

the format war isn't "one" its "won".

ChrisGTR13833d ago

wait... so does this mean people that bought a stand alone blueray player is under a million? cause theres 10 mil ps3s sold..

undacovabrothe3833d ago

there are about 12mil blue ray players our there. 10.5 ps3 and like 1.5-2mil stand alone.

fenderputty3833d ago

the war is actually now offically over. Transofrmers and LoTR are coming to BD. There is one format. We know why it won and we know all the responses from all involved parties. I was starting to look forward to the end of the war simply because I was growing tired of hearing about it. Can we at least slow down on the BD articles?

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The story is too old to be commented.