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Game Over Online: "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale delivers some great fighting and hilarious comedy at the same time. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves the fast-paced style of fighting popularized by Smash Bros. While it would be easy to dismiss the game for being a copycat, doing so would be a mistake as the game does quite a few things differently that help it stand on its own. It’s a very well put-together game regardless of its inspiration and is worthy of at least a rental for skeptics."

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Dno1966d ago

all these good reviews yet sony is not good at selling 1st party titles.

expect more 1st party studios to close because as M$ has shown, having a lot of 1st party titles is NOT the way to go if you want to sell consoles.

I would never have thought sony would be last in selling first party games out of the big three.

Some of the blame is on them not getting GOOD characters we want. Lara croft ,crash, cloud were just some of the characters people actually wanted. Big daddy and new dante plus the starhawk guy dont do it for us.

all that being said my drake is lvl 280 i love the game.

Ben_Grimm1966d ago

How is Sony not good at selling 1st party games. Not all their games can go multi platinum. Hell no company has every single game that sells super well.

Why must we hold Sony to such a high impossible standard?

And don't base PSAS on just UK sales yet. I don't think this game was ever epxected to do CoD numbers as its a new IP and a niche one at that.

Dno1966d ago

i saw a report that this sold 140k in USA. the game flopped my man and sony is not held to a higher standard its held to the standard M$ and nintendo have gotten.
Ima huge sony fan but it seems the fans just dont support the 1st party games on sony platforms. Im not actually saying this to hate sony its really the sony fans.

How could a great game with good reviews sell so poorly? if sony doesnt sell 1st party games they will stop selling them people.

G-Revolution1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

” Some of the blame is on them not getting GOOD characters we want. Lara croft ,crash, cloud were just some of the characters people actually wanted.”

Sony and Superbot Entertainment aren't naive in knowing people want those 3rd party characters. Here is the thing, they are ALL 3rd party characters owned by publishers who don't want them in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or want a huge sum of money for the right to use said character(s). The game currently stands with a great 1st party roster of characters who are GOOD and known to anybody who has own a Playstation System from the past decade. Though the the 3rd party line leave a lot to be desired they are Good characters and those publishers and developers were more than willing to let Sony and Superbot let them use their characters.

You are misinformed, because it has been stated in a previous article that it was Capcom who wanted (New) Dante in the game, even though they wanted (Old) Dante. Just like Sucker Punch wanted Cole to be split in two rather then one single person. You should be grateful for those you do have instead of being unappreciative with ones you don't. If you want a particular 3rd party character ask the IP holders for each character by staying why isn't _______ in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Outside_ofthe_Box1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

SuperBot/Sony aren't to blame for the characters,but the game definitely would have sold better if Lara, Crash, Cloud, Snake, Sora were in the game.

It's sad that the game didn't fly off the shelves out the gate, but this could be one of those titles that could still end up reaching a mil or two overtime despite not having an outstanding launch.

Dno1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

thank you thats all im saying. get the characters u need. M$ spends the money.
Dont make a game like this with out PLAYSTATIONS ALLSTARS. (pun intended)

it doesnt matter because sales reflect how right or wrong I am. and sales are not good. but like i said i buy lots of games so i bought it and love it. my drake is like 280. but this could have been a smash hit. (more pun intended)

caffman1966d ago

in the UK i havent seen a single advert on TV for this

KrisButtar1965d ago

im in Canada and i seen my 1st one about 2hours ago on much

Nes_Daze1966d ago

Bad sales are due to lack of marketing, Black Ops 2, and the fact that it's a new game, not an ongoing franchise, not that some of you would understand what that it is...

born2live1966d ago

Yet I'm still surprised by the results - Sony may not have advertised the game all that much, but gaming sites kept writing articles on it for months!

Omar911966d ago

140k is not horrible.. its not great. but its not bad either. Thats only the US and you need to remember that this does not include digital sales nor does it show the bundle that they sold with I believe it was the ps3 version. The game hasn't even been released in Japan yet. so thats another possible 200,000 more maybe? idk I'm not a analyst but I do now for a first entry game with a small dev team, the game has done a decent job.