Top 10 Star Wars Games

So what games have fans of the great series missed out on? What game could a Star Wars fan like yourself be playing that has magically eluded you during your gaming lifetime? With an arsenal of over 100 games spread throughout arcade, console, and mobile systems, here are 10 of the most entertaining games (in no particular order) that the Star Wars franchise has given fans over the years.

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guitarded771608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

No Battlefront, and Soul Calibur IV as the #2 Star Wars game??? This has to be a joke. Even if it is in "no particular order", it's still a horrible list.

NukaCola1608d ago

I disagree with this list too.

KOTOR @ 5 behind Lego and Unleashed?

Academy instead of the amazing Outcast

No Battlefront
No Rogue Squadron
No Republic Commando

r40k2131608d ago

Completely agree. 100%. And the article says that if you only have time for one game make it SWTOR? Just sad, really. Personally, I'd put Outcast in its place.

morganfell1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight > Everything on the list.

JKelloggs1608d ago

Whoever wrote this list is obviously on crack.

Neither of the battlefront games.
Soul Calibur? What? Seriously?
Tbh, KOTOR deserves to be higher than TOR.

Phoenix761608d ago

what about the rouge squadron series?? they rocked on the GameCube

majiebeast1608d ago

Where is super starwars 1,2,3? The old republic should never be number 1 should always be behind galaxies.

DeadlyFire1608d ago

Sad list. For one Force Unleashed is at number 4? WTF?

Jedi Academy/Jedi Outcast despite age is still superior to Force Unleashed. JA for MP and JO for SP = perfect combination. Its sad they have not capitalized on the Jedi Knight formula.

rpd1231608d ago

Where in the hell is Battlefront and Battlefront 2?

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