Splinter Cell - Non Lethal Variety Trailer

In this Splinter Cell Blacklist ComDev video, Animation Director, Kristjan Zadziuk, takes us on a tour of some of the non-lethal take downs.

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Bigpappy1934d ago

I am always concerned about hiding the body. Let me f'ing decide or keep my copy on the shelf

grifter0241934d ago

Why the heck is Sam's head a dang bobblehead. He keeps bobbing his head the entire time he is in a corner.

RickHiggity1934d ago

I think I'll just stick with the first three games.

JAMurida1934d ago

I'm still on the fence about this Splinter Cell, but watching this makes me wanna at least try it. I just wish they would make them like they did Splinter 1, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory. Stop trying to make it all action-like and what not and take it back to the roots.

Also get Amon Tobin back on the soundtrack for the game. That man is God when it comes to making game soundtracks.