STN: Far Cry 3 Review


I hope you all didn't blow all your Christmas cash on Black Ops 2 and a WiiU as Far Cry 3 is released at the tail end of the Christmas release period and a late comer to a possible game of the year. I am just as surprised by that statement as many of you are, not being impressed with Far Cry 2 and the E3 videos not really gaining attention; Far Cry 3 does nothing but grab you by the hair and starts screaming in your face right from the start.

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Nodoze2028d ago

I have to say what I have seen so far, this stands to be one of the best FPS titles I have EVER played!!

Let's put it this way, I am building a new PC to play this game properly. It is that good!!

camel_toad2028d ago

I'm still gonna play it on ps3 because that's what my friend will be playing it on but I did just give it a shot on my pc and besides the graphics being great I was also impressed with what I saw as far as presentation in the first 30 min. They've come a long ways since far cry 2.

RuperttheBear2028d ago

I've just talked my missus into giving me this early for Xmas, just installing it now. Can't wait to play it from all the reviews I've read on it.

seanpitt232028d ago

Sadly it dosnt look that good on ps3 don't get me wrong it looks nice but not breathtaking you can tell we need new consoles