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Wii U able to stream mp4 videos from your PC, directions on how to

XMNR: While the Wii U doesn't appear to officially support the streaming of videos from your local network, one owner discovered that the functionality is there Thursday and is accessibly through the new Nintendo console's web browser.

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Queasy2028d ago
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Emilio_Estevez2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Seems a bit harder than it is with the 360/PS3

Queasy2028d ago

And with limited support.

-Mika-2028d ago

It Nintendo. Im surprised they even allowed this.

badz1492028d ago

with the Wii, they didn't even bother making it able to play DVD (was hacked to do so though), and with Wii mini they make the system offline only and ditch BC! now the supposedly "next-gen" Wii U can't even stream videos properly or at least easily! what are they thinking over there at Nintendo? do they think people will stop playing games on Wii U if they allow video streaming?? kinda dumb move tbh!

rainslacker2027d ago

It should be pretty apparent by now that Nintendo isn't pushing any of those technologies. Why they get down rated by some because of it is beyond me. If people wanted those options then they could use that in making a decision when deciding on a console.

Nintendo has gone on record saying they are a gaming company first. To expect them to offer more than that is wishful thinking, although a nice bonus if they do.

donman12028d ago

The WiiU was just released, so over time (just like with the PS3), easier solution will be released. Comparing it to 6-7 yr consoles whos services evolved over the years is silly.

Wolfbiker2028d ago

It's sad that we even have to tell people this....that's how rediculous the gaming communities fan base has gotten.

Nodoze2028d ago

They need to make MKV integration part of TVii!! It would instantly one up the competitors.

theEx1Le2028d ago (Edited 2028d ago )

Why, the xbox 360 supports mkv streaming.

@below, I wasn't trying to make the point that the WiiU should already have it. It took MS till last year to add the support. These things take time and to be perfectly honest, if Nintendo never added these I wouldn't care. I buy ninty products for the games, everything else is a bonus.

donman12028d ago

And how long has the Xbox360 been out???? It took the PS3 and the 360 years to finalize their respective multimedia services so why you guys expect Nintendo to get their down on launch or within a week.

patriotZero2028d ago

wow how could it be?! awesome feature hehe