Undersea saboteurs may have been responsible for cable cuts

Joel Hruska of Ars Technica writes:

"It has been nearly two weeks since the last reported cable failure in the Middle East, but questions continue to swirl regarding the cause (or causes) of the failures. For those of you who haven't followed the story, here's the quick rundown: From January 30 to February 6, various undersea cables responsible for much of the Internet traffic into and out of the Middle East were cut or broken. This led to major traffic congestion, created communications problems, and cut some areas off the Internet entirely. Repair ships were dispatched immediately, with the twin goals of repairing the damage and gathering information on what might have caused it."

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Dukester1013829d ago

Great tech related article... this is the kinda stuff that the Tech section is made for.

MrSwede3829d ago

I was in Egypt when it happened :)

Cat3829d ago

wow, firsthand experience, what was the response??

MrSwede3829d ago

They didn't seem to be bothered much though all the tourists had problems withdrawing money from the ATM's :).