New Trailer for PS Vita Fishing Game Let’s Fish! Hooked On

"We are excited to be able to share the first official trailer for Let’s Fish! Hooked On with you today. With this video we hope to demonstrate how well-suited this game’s fun, arcade style is to PS Vita, whilst giving you more of a look at the variety of game play experiences you can expect from the first ever anime-styled fishing game." - Sean Walsh // Product Manager, Wired Productions

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Snookies121608d ago

The only issue I see with this is only 9 different types of fish?? That's not really a whole lot of variety... I'll probably pick it up anyway though. You don't see too many fishing games, the last fun one I played was Rapala back on PS2.

GribbleGrunger1608d ago

'Classes of fish'. there are dozens of different types of fish in one class.

Snookies121608d ago

Ohhhh, I must not have been paying much attention watching this lol! Thanks for clearing that up for me though. :]

G20WLY1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

@ Snookies, I only have koi carp and sturgeon in my pond, but I still like it, so don't let that stop you :)

Price will be a deciding factor on this one, I reckon...

tubers1608d ago

At least the 2d artwork seems nice

sypher1608d ago

I always love the mini fishing games in titles like nier, zelda etc. So yeh if the price is right i'll pick this up :)

TongkatAli1608d ago

I kinda always had a dream as a child to become a professional fisherman, lol.

MmaFan-Qc1608d ago

so this is Sega Bass Fishing with a japanese facelift?

count me in.

gokuking1608d ago

The studio behind some of the SEGA Bass Fishing games made this release.

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