Petition to bring Blitzball and Tetra Master vs. Friends to the PSN

This is a petition to bring the FF mini game Tetra Master and Blitzball to the PSN, XBL e.t.c If Tetra master is already on the PC. It should be easy to bring it to the PSN. But blitzball would be a new project.You should be able to design your characters

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Dlacy13g3682d ago

You gotta love the petitions. "But, but **sniffle, sniffle**...what about us?"

Douchebaggery3682d ago

I'd like to start a petition to ban all petitions.

Bebedora3682d ago

Give me battle chess instead.

cloud3603682d ago

Am going to buy a PS3 for this if i had to

Tempist3682d ago

Bleh. Lame ideas further exploited by the claim to be news. Who approved this?!