Sony patents DualShock/Move controller

Sony has patented a new controller that is a hybrid of the DualShock and Move controls.

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Snookies121819d ago

The Move itself might be alright, but the button layout on it was HORRIBLE. Oh dear god, when I tried using one, I just put it down after about five minutes and walked away.

Akuma-1819d ago

awesome idea. i know the final product will look amazing and be comfortable to hold.

i love the move controller in killzone 3 , resistance 3 and a few other games. i once hated the ps move and thought it was rubbish. i bought the move and nav-con and thought after using it for two hours that it was a waste. i started to use it again and decided to try to get through all of the killzone 3 campaign on normal. i started liking it after a few configuration to the sensitivity and loved it about a quarter way through killzone 3. the button layout is good and i haven't a problem with the placement.

i wish more games had move support. its very accurate and i think its amazing. it would be nice to have one controller that can also be used as a move and nav con. i dont want ps4 to have 3 different controller like the wii u. i hope this is for ps4 instead of ps3

Septic1819d ago

I think that controller is a brilliant idea. If this turns out to be true, let's hope Sony's approach to this controller isn't half-arsed as the current Move.

torchic1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )


I don't understand how your comment is in any way related to Snookies12's comment.

Eyeco1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Really , In some games i found move to be incredibly accurate, better than Wii motion plus, however in some games i found it to be pretty much broken, rendering some games almost unplayable.

The way i've seen it motion control depends on how well the developer uses it e.g, Red Steel was half assed, Metroid Prime 3 was phenomenal
This idea sounds incredible however, I wonder how it will look.

bigfish1818d ago

what??? the two balls at the top will get in the way of the index figure natural resting positions and where the trigger buttons would be,, how is this going to be comfortable to hold!

ChickeyCantor1818d ago

" awesome idea. i know the final product will look amazing and be comfortable to hold." this Imma go to bed.

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WeAreLegion1819d ago

Oh, shut up and use it again. The button layout on Move is fine.

Snookies121819d ago

That's really friendly, telling me to shut up. I'm just simply saying why didn't they just map the same controls a normal Dualshock has to the Move? Would it really have been that hard?

WeAreLegion1819d ago

Yes, it would have been, given the Move's shape.

As far as the shut up thing goes, it's not exactly like me actually telling you to shut up. It's more of a dealwithit.jpg thing. Ya know?

GribbleGrunger1819d ago

Looks like a reworking of a really old patent they had about 4 - 5 years ago. It would make sense to package both experiences in with one controller.

No FanS Land1819d ago

yeah I remember sony's break apart motion controller.

himdeel1819d ago

Yeah I remember a video of the breakapart ds. The guy doing the demo was showing how you could simulate climbing up a ladder with it.

Conzul1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )


LordZ1819d ago

OMG, that controller has some balls.

Braid1818d ago

Two, to be exact.

I'd take the regular controller over this though, if it's going to be a separate product that's fine, but I wouldn't want my PS4/PS3 to be packaged with one of these by default. Not everyone's interested in motion gaming.

Jinkies1819d ago

If this is the controler for the PS4, the main official controler then I'll wait for a classic one

I DON'T want to pay for crap that I'm not going to like while playing games, keep this stuff seperate.

NegativeCreepWA1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

I just want an option for a wand with a joystick, so left handed people can play games that involve walking comfortability.

nerdkiller1818d ago

please sony just stick to making a more powerful console and leave the innovation to nintendo.
i cant believe some ppl think this controler looks cool, you dont have to like everything your favorite company makes

FanboyPunisher1818d ago

Shit is a gimmic, more processing time on controls and movememt = delay.

This isnt for anything competitive, pure gimmick.
When they design a controller that has better response time than what we have already, then it'll be a viable option.

Waste of $$$

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-Mika-1819d ago

Um... ya, I don't know sony.

DragonKnight1819d ago

Then you're both on equal footing as Sony doesn't know you either.

SonyStyled1819d ago

probably the Duelshock 4, aka PS4 controller

WeAreLegion1819d ago

Sometimes, Miyamoto creates patents under Sony's name, just to screw with them.



LOL_WUT1819d ago

That looks ugly with the two spheres on the top.