The Lightning Returns Logo Took a Very Long Time to Design

Some things can be finished quickly. Some things take time. The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII logo, it seems, took time. A lot of time.

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Wintersun6161970d ago

Probably longer than designing the battle system.

Jinkies1969d ago

Yeah you what what is taking along time FF Versus...spend less time on logos please and more on a game people actually want.

DarkBlood1969d ago

yeah versus not coming soon enough really grinds my gears

Wolfbiker1969d ago

Yeah because I'm sure the designers of the logo are the same people working on VXIII...

You guys know that more than one person works at square right?

SO71D1969d ago

From the way things are progressing, you'd think only one person works there anyway.

betan211969d ago

DUHHHHHH everything's at SE take Very Long Time to Design
we know this by now

firelogic1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Looks like Bay's Transformers font. And a messed up decepticon head.

Pozzle1969d ago

It kinda reminds me of a warped version of Tidus' necklace.

majiebeast1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

They put the versus team in charge of designing the logo so it just got delayed by another year VSXIII 2016.

I wonder what will come out first.
-Half life 3
-Last guardian

Half life 3 is ready to be shipped Gaben just wants people to stop making fun of his weight so he is holding the game hostage. It will launch after hat fortress 3 and L4D3 though.

SolidDuck1969d ago

Haha good question. I have a feeling we will never see agent or vs. Half life 3 who knows, I don't think valve even knows. The last guardian I think hopefully they decided at some point since it was taking so long, just to turn it into a ps4 launch game.

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