Working on the Playstation store - My first year

From scared graduate to working at one of the companies that defined my childhood, it sure has been a roller coaster year. People always beg me for this post so here it is!

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Gamerita1364d ago

cool. playstation is big part of my childhood,good memories. :)

GiantFriendlyCrab1364d ago

he who disagreed with you has not experienced it, most likely born mid to late 90s

BlaqMagiq241364d ago

Great read. Now we have an idea of what it's like to work at Sony. It really is fun and games! Well sort of lol!

jon12341364d ago

Yea, now I have an idea what it's like to work! ....... Haha just kidding

SilentNegotiator1364d ago

I would love to work on the Playstation Store; there's never pressure to get things right or anything! You can mis-price games, give away games in $40 packages instead of the $60 package they're supposed to be sold together in....I'll bet they just play games all day.

Ares901364d ago

I need a job just like that

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