The Worst Nintendo Launch Titles

With the Wii U arriving in Europe today, GamesAsylum looks at the worst Nintendo launch titles.

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Summons751817d ago

ZombiU should be on that list.....

vividi1817d ago

it is really that bad?

Summons751817d ago

combat and the combat controls are awful. The rest of the game is decent but bad gameplay = bad game and there is no excuse for it.

Deku-Johnny1817d ago

No, I've just got it today, been playing it for a while. It's a very good game for a launch title.

Leathersoup1817d ago

The game is fine. There are plenty of people who are enjoying it, thoroughly.

Leathersoup1817d ago

If you have a Wii U, rent the game. If you like survival horror games at all, you'll get hooked quick.

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deafdani1817d ago

You're aware that the clunky combat is intentional, right? This isn't meant to play like Call of Duty.

CBaoth1817d ago

"Clunky combat" should never EVER be used as game mechanic; if anything it only proves the original concept is flawed. It's a cheap trick used by developers to induce an artificial difficulty.

vividi1817d ago

I just brought the Wii U yesterday with Mario, I was thinking getting ZombieU later, I gonna watch some videos reviews, the game seems interesting

stragomccloud1817d ago

I've noticed sooooooooo many contrasting opinions on this. I guess it really is a love it or hate it game.

GuruStarr781816d ago

I gamefly'd it... glad I did... it's ok, but it's not worth $60, imho.....

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LKHGFDSA1817d ago

I loved Army Men Advance. :(