Far Cry 3 Weapons and Attachments Guide

SegmentNext - "Far Cry 3 has a huge array of weapons. In fact, there are thirty-nine different kinds of weapons in Far Cry 3. You may think this is an ample amount of weaponry for you but you and your friends will need every one of these weapons, down to their last bullets, to escape the lunatic inhabited island."

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ab5olut10n1936d ago

a 1911 with a 48rd mag? god bless.

seanpitt231936d ago

You need to upgrade quick in this game or you have had it things to upgrade first pouches so you can carry more bullets and need a bigger rucksack and a bigger wallet £1000 is max gets full quick and you need to upgrade so you can carry 2 weapons do these first and you will be ok

retrofly1936d ago

Yeah I found this out the hard way :D.

Grab those pelts first!

ufo8mycat1935d ago

It's a good thing that hunting animals is actually useful, as it allows you to upgrade such things :)