OXM UK: Alone In The Dark Q&A and screens

OXM UK talked to Nour Polloni, Alone In The Dark producer, about the enemies you'll be facing, how it will go about scaring you, how you can protect yourself and if Uwe Boll had been in touch with the team... also check out the brand new screens and video!

Nour Polloni on the achievements: "There's achievements linked to different aspects of the game including different combat objectives, completing all the side gameplay objectives in certain areas of Central Park for example, and one that's intimately entwined with the story of the game.

Another achievement is linked to whether or not the player skips. We want everybody to be able to finish our game, so one of the other new features we've added is the ability to skip sections using a DVD-style menu if you get stuck, but always at a cost, and achievements is one way to reward players who don't skip."

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Cwalat3835d ago

damnit i knew it,
the lead platform is 360, i guess the PS3 will turn out like shiet cause these devs dont know anything about it. i hope im wrong but if im not, then i wont buy this game.

Statix3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I think it's a cool idea that this is the original Edward Carnby from the first Alone in the Dark game from 15 years ago, but thinking back on that old PC title, a thought occurred to me about the state of so-called "scary" games of recent times.

When will developers realize that darkness doesn't equate to scary? No game has really quite managed to recapture the tense and disturbing atmosphere of the original Alone in the Dark for me from way back in 1992. That game was completely bright, but still managed to creep everyone out. Sure, it looks ridiculous by today's standards, but there's something about it, a reaction people got out of it at the time, that we should try to recapture and appropriate for today's games. Frankly, I'm sick of all these scareless games masquerading as "deeply and profoundly ominous" using a pitch black darkness and shadows as a cop-out for having to generate a genuinely creepy atmosphere.

picker3323835d ago

Last year it wasn't one singel scary game out(What i remember atleast)
Well maby fear,but that game was just jumpy if you know what i mean.
Or was fear released 05 or 07?

But hope this game will change it & sh5 ofcourse.

Movies now days doesn't scare me anymore.


wiizy3835d ago

get this game done and out so i can play it already.. i like horror games even though i dont like horror movies much.