Forget Halo, There's Only One Game On The 360 I Care About

While a great many will tell you they have a 360 for Halo (or maybe Gears or Forza), there is one other game for RPG fanatics that is an absolute must.

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camel_toad1813d ago

Great game indeed. I sunk in over 100hrs into it.

The father of Final Fantasy made it =)

EVILDEAD3601813d ago

Well he works at PSExtreme and owns only 15 games for the 360 so of course he's only cares about one of the few games he owns.

I over over 150 games now for my 360, It got to the point where I just dont count anymore. But I keep almost all of them, because I know I'll end up replaying them for achievements.

I own a PS3 as well and unlike the fan bloggers claim there is NO GAME that has come out for Nintendo or Sony that ever made me pretend that there was dust on my 360. People simply play the games they prefer regardess of the system.

I loooved Lost Odyssey, but its not the kind of game that I would replay. But what a great experience. It definately was the closest thing to the authentic classic FF feel this entire gen.

But, like most FFs if you spend alot of time on your one playthrough, then youve seen everything you want to see.

@ Solid Duck..I'm with you. Too Human was one of the all time gems of this gen. So underrated and easily one of the best co-op experiences I have ever had on the 360.

That would be crazy if the sequel was a 720 launch game and I'd buy it in a second.


fathoms1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

EVILDEAD: Fanboy drivel. Uncharted 2 and 3 beat the snot out of anything on the 360, hands-down, no discussion. And if God of War III, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, the Killzones, inFamous' and Resistances, and Metal Gear Solid 4 don't make you forget the 360 at least for a little while, you're too biased for words. I suppose The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls won't make you stop playing the 360, either. Dude, whatever. LOL

Oh wait, you've got 150 360 if that system has more than a few exclusives even worth playing. Never mind, that explains it right there.

EVILDEAD3601813d ago

LMAO @ Fathoms

'[email protected] drivel'

The first two words you wrote describes EVERY hypocritic word you just wrote.

See only a fankiddie like yourself who cant take off the goggles (because they don't come off) would even read what I wrote and reply with that psychotic nonsense.

READ the blog..

The PS3 Extreme author wrote:

'There are simply waaaaaay more worthwhile exclusive titles on the PS3. And for the latter reason, the 360 mostly just gathers dust these days.'

That was HIS opinion..

Mine is I own every big exclusive that I've EVER wanted most day one and there are NONE and I repeat NONE on Sony or Nintendo that made my 360 collect or 'gather dust'

Fankiddies like you in your make believe world believe that when you log off that ACTUAL gamers in the REAL world play ANY game and their heart stips and it's impossible for them to pick up a controller on another system...

Who are you trying to fool? yourself??

I bought EVERY Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and 3 both at launch. I love Naughty dog and finshed every almost every campaign (still havent finished 3), the same with Heavy Rain, God of War 3, etc.

I finish the campaigns they are great experiences but to pretend that because I played and loved Uncharted 2's campaign for 10 hours that my 360 turned into dust and never was played

Play what YOU play..but that is YOUR opinion..Not mine.

Owning and playing Gran Turismo 5 didn't come close to making me stop playing Forza 3 or 4..and vice versa

Owning and playing Uncharted 3 didnt make me not love and play Gears 3..I bought the Sony 3DTV when this site hated on it and love playing both games on it in 3D.

I could go on and on..playing the hell out of Halo 3 didn't prevent me from enjoy Killzone 2, just like Killzone 3 didn't keep me from enjoying Halo Reach.

Only a fankiddie beleives that if you play Metal Gear Solid 4 that from 2008 on it is impossible to play and love and game on the 360.

I could care less what YOUR opinion of ANY game on the 360 is, I'm just calling it like it is from someone who owns and loves games from all 3 systems this gen. Again, you didn't prove anything I said wrong, you just clarified why I'm entitled to MY opinion.

And proved that hypocrisy rules the day on


Lvl_up_gamer1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

@ fathoms

I respect your comment and understand you are very passionate about those games you listed. I own and have completed them all as well. However i have to disagree with you. As fun as the uncharted series is, the industry as well as myself feel the gears franchise were more fun and enjoyable. I finished mgs4 in 9 hours on normal first playthrough not including the 9 hours of dialog and cut scenes. I also preferred the halos released this gen to the killzones released this gen.

As for god of war, i enjoyed god of war 2 more and dantes inferno story over god of war 3 story. I also felt GT5 was an unfinished game and was a let down after my excitement for the game so i prefer Forza 3 and 4 over GT5.

This is all just my opinion based on my gaming habits and experiences. Not a single game from sony or nintendo has made me forget about games on my 360 and vise versa.

On topic LO is the best jrpg game on the 360. I still have it and am working on my 3rd playthrough. Jensen is just such a great character. Anyone who enjoys jrpgs and hasn't played LO is doing themselves a great injustice. Fantastic game i was really hoping for a sequel or another ip from mistwalker.

SolidDuck1813d ago

Is it Too Human? I joke but I actually really enjoyed too human even alot didn't.