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TheHater3262d ago

So does this mean that I will be getting my Transformer? My first blu-ray purchase, here I come.

Da360sucks3262d ago

i can watch transformer over and over again
seen about 10+ times

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sonarus3262d ago

Whats all the fuss over transformers only one scene in that movie i enjoyed enough to want to watch again. The scene where they have the cube and are driving to the city and they pass optimus prime and some cool music plays in the background then optimus slams the breaks and makes a uturn and they roll in a convoy lol. Universal bring me bourne and american gangster though.

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Da360sucks3262d ago

i want transformer in blu-ray

Cwalat3262d ago

also want it, ive seen it 10 times and many parts sukked, but the work the crew has made is fenomenal! i can watch it 100 times without getting tired of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.