This is what Nintendo Power's final cover looks like

Nintendo Power has finally come to an end. Subscribers should soon be receiving the magazine's December issue, which is its last.

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SynGamer1837d ago

Seems quite fitting...ending where it all began.

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Nimblest-Assassin1837d ago

Requiescat in pace, old friend

FamilyGuy1836d ago

Why was marios hat blue in the original cover? :/

DryPancake1836d ago

Because thats what his colors were originally.

guitarded771837d ago

Cool... I found my copy of the first issue in a box in the shed the other day. I may get this one too and frame them to display.

dalibor1836d ago

That's awesome. I still have an old PS demo from PSM that had like Jet moto, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot and like 8 more other games on it. Man that was one kickarse demo. Played the heck out of it back in the day and it was just a demo. Miss those days.

Fullmetalevolust1837d ago

RIP good ol' friend, you made a young man dream just by looking at pictures when words were simply not enough.

dtpena1836d ago

Just like Playboy magazine...

dalibor1836d ago

It wasn't just the pictures that was nice. Don't forget the codes. Back in the day magazines were the only way to get cheats/walkthrough help apart from game genie/gameshark. Sucks that NP is gone, it has been around forever. Makes me feel bad for not really supporting NP. Why does it have to end? What about people who don't have internet? What are they going to do to get their game info? Internet really changed a lot of things... some bad and some good

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1836d ago

I remember this when I was a kid. Why didn't they become an online magazine? Fair well. <3.

MegaLagann1837d ago

Still hoping Nintendo will relaunch Nintendo Power as an app for the Wii U/3DS. Won't be the same as having a real magazine, but at this point i'll take anything. I need Nintendo Power in my life...and Die Hard GameFan if anyone remembers that one...

Stephen55431837d ago

Won't happen. Future wanted to keep Nintendo Power going as Digital, but Nintendo declined. So don't get your hopes up :/

konnerbllb1837d ago

Anyone else notice the game showed on the front of each cover is SMB II? :) Farewell nintendo power.

jeeves861836d ago

That's kind of the point...

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The story is too old to be commented.