Grand Theft Auto V Female Character Discussion Exposes Lingering Stereotypes In The Gaming Community

"It's recently been confirmed that all three of Grand Theft Auto V's playable characters will be dudes, opening up a netwide discussion on the possibilities of a female lead ever showing up in the series. I've read quite a few interesting things. I've also read some total bullshit that exposes lingering issues of sexism in the games industry. The internet is great." -Heath Hindman of Game Revolution

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alexcosborn2177d ago

I was really hoping they'd go with a female protagonist this time around.

unchartedxplorer2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Stop whining. They are already 90% complete with the game. Dan House even said "that a female character doesn't match the atmosphere of the game", so you can throw the idea of an additional dlc out. So just forget about an idea of "a female GTA protagonist" for another couple of years.

AIndoria2176d ago

How does wishing for something is categorised as "Whining?"

Be nice for a change.

unchartedxplorer2176d ago

@Aldoria and that has something to with the topic because......

dedicatedtogamers2175d ago

I'm tired of feminism (excuse me, I should say "extreme feminism" to not appear "sexist") invading our videogames. And by "our" I mean gamers, not males. There's little place for political agendas in games. Can anyone honestly say they were happy when politicians tried to ban certain games when Mortal Kombat came out? Can anyone say they were happy when politicians started going after GTA3? Are people happy when a game gets flak (or even gets changed, as was the case with LBP) because there's a song or part that is "offensive" to a religion?

I think we can all agree that we don't need yet ANOTHER group trying to stick their controlling fingers into the game industry.

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dbjj120882177d ago

I feel like this subject has gone from shock to reverse-sexism. I think the author does a good job of setting it all straight though.

Conzul2176d ago

Yeah this is one of the better opinion pieces that makes it to n4g.

DarkBlood2177d ago

It would of been cool to play as a female perspective, after all i know there are some cruel bad types that would do gta stuff in real life, its just a light isnt shined on that particular gender bright enough

knifefight2177d ago

It could be done well, even if the people decrying it can't think of how by themselves. In the hands of a capable writer, anything is possible (not that this is even too far-fetched an idea to begin with).

ftwrthtx2177d ago

I couldn't see a female lead in a GTA game. Why break from tradition?

kesvalk2176d ago

IIRC GTA 1 had two female chars.

there is no tradition about female chars in GTA.

AIndoria2176d ago

"Leads" =/= Characters.

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