Space Hulk 1.0 released

Space Hulk 1.0 full game released. Based on a 1989 board game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the original game (1993) was a first-person shooter. Since then, Teardown has decided to release a version of the game more true to the original board game. This version uses the Allegro Gaming Library as a basis for the build.

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Hapimeses3834d ago

Sweet. I'll go download that. I'm a huge fan of Space Hulk; indeed, on my lastest art job for 40K, I copied some of the art styling.


caffman3833d ago

but if its not official GW will freak!

ColossiSlayer3833d ago

it was a great experience at the time, it was the 1st game I ever owned on Playstation