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Sine Mora - Review | Only Single Player

"For those wondering, Sine Mora is Latin for “without delay.” How ironic, then, that this recently released PS3 version of the game is very much delayed, coming out eight months after its initial debut on the Xbox 360. Published and developed by Digital Reality with the aid of Grasshopper Manufacture, the folks behind crazy titles such as No More Heroes and Killer 7, one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Sine Mora is a unique title. Taking the form of a sidescrolling bullet hell/shoot-em-up title that features time manipulation and talking animals, the game’s not short on promising ideas. However, does it prove to be a timeless classic, or just a waste of time? Read on to find out." (Michael Urban, OnlySP) (PC, PS Vita, PS3, Sine Mora, Xbox 360) 8/10

nugnugs  +   1001d ago
This is the kind of game I want for my Vita. Awesome.
Don't get me wrong, Uncharted and big budget games look and play really well, but I haven't stopped playing this for weeks.
#2 on the leaderboard, not blowing my own trumpet. I am.

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