Best Upcoming Horror Games


While Horror “just doesn't sell” (ask our good buddies at Capcom), there are a few titles on the horizon that just might keep horror alive. Granted, they're far from the classic survival horror games we remember from the PS1/N64 era, but they're quite possibly the best we're going to get.

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Jackhass1877d ago

My favorite genre! Can't wait for most of these!

-Mika-1877d ago

The last of us isn't an horror game...

aviator1891877d ago

I agree. I wouldn't exactly classify it has a horror game.

Maybe post-apocalyptic survival action-adventure game with some horror elements added into the mix.

That's just my take on what I've seen so far.

ghostrider321877d ago

Last of Us is clearly not Horror.

kreate1877d ago

What is the clear meaning of horror?
And how do u know if u never played it?

ghostrider321877d ago

For one, Apocalyptic stories aren't even scary. And Horror is the feeling of revulsion that occurs after something frightening is seen, heard, or experienced.Plus, the genre is Survival/Action-Adventure.

Xristo1877d ago

"Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" is the horror game I'm looking forward to.

black9111877d ago

Lol at the name of the site while my slow ipod touch wifi loading.