With HD DVD dead, Blu-ray's next threat is digital downloads

Eric Bangeman of Ars Technica writes:

"HD competition still looms for Blu-ray in the form of HD downloads. With devices such as the Xbox 360 and Apple TV capable of delivering high-definition content to your living room over the Internet, it's quite possible that many consumers will look to sources other than Blu-ray players to get their HD fix. Sony has to be just a bit uneasy about that prospect."

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Tyler Durden3805d ago

the average consumer dosent know how to use digital downloads and are scared to give their credit card number online

fenderputty3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

consumer is also scared of storing media in any other form than a physical one. Most don't even have the capacity to store such media. We're not talking 5 mb MP3s here, were talking 9 gigs a movie. The average consumer doesn't have super highspeed internet. A lot of people in Europe, and now some in the states, experience bandwidth caps as well. There are plenty of barriers that make it hard for DD to penetrate the market. 5-10 years time DD might be more realistic but, it isn't all that plausible now.

Hagaf223805d ago

not only that i like knowing that i own what i buy. when i buy a blu ray or dvd i can physically grab it and show you, a download isnt. i dont see it as a threat anytime soon. hopefully that have safe guard to allow you to redownload it if it dumps for whatever reason, or you need multiple hd to back everything up. not really worth it yet to me, ill stick with blu for a while.

crck3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

1. I believe they are all rental services at the moment. And from what I've read movie studios do not want to allow digital downloads for ownership. They are more of a threat to Netflix and Blockbuster then Blu-ray.
2. Notice how none of these articles mentions anything about what pct of the market digital downloads have. Thats because its so tiny it would make these articles look even more stupid.
3. As others have said people like to own stuff. They like to bring it over to a friend's / family member's house for gathering and holidays.

JsonHenry3805d ago

The average consumer is going to become the newest generation - which has no qualms about using digital ANYTHING.

Blu-ray will last for a while yet, but it certainly is foolish to think that digital media will not catch on because we are "scared".

Proxy3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

On special occasions I'll dig into that DVD-R case, but it's CD-Rs most of the time.

If nothing else BD-Rs will be useful with their high storage capacity.

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DTClown3805d ago

...unless digital downloads can play on any tv you take it to and then some!

Remember, not everyone has an internet connection still. Out of the ones who do, a vast number still have dial up. Those two demographics themselves are enough reasons why digital downloads will not beat out physical media. Then there's the old playabilty of said media wherever the owner wishes to view. How many people want to play their purchased movie in one place..everytime! Not me. I want to be able to watch on ANY room in my house, neighbors house, friends house, brothers house....ect. I also want to be able to LOAN my movie to friends and family...can't do that (easily) with digital downloads. Can't resell them on eBay when I no longer want to keep the movie.

Also, the phrase "movie collection" means something to the collector. They want the physical copy with all the included paperwork.

As far as game systems for viewing movies, how many xbox 360 owners really want to buy a movie for their system only for it to RRoD on them. Worst yet, many of them can't even use their already purchased media anymore when their "replacement" 360 comes back!

All in all, there are more reasons why physical media will be here for a very long time and digital downloads will only be a niche market. period.

Silellak3805d ago

I agree, at least for awhile, physical media will continue to dominate. I pre-ordered Sins of a Solar Empire as just a digital download, but after release, I paid a bit more to get sent a box, CD, and manual.

I know enough about computers, software, and hardware to NOT trust them to keep track of all of my games, movies, etc. Besides, what if a friend wants to borrow a movie or a game? "Here, take my hard drive"? Yeah, I don't think so.

fenderputty3805d ago

people don't have the drives to store the media. People that understand all of this also know not to trust drives. We use back-ups. We are talking two seperate terabyte drives to have a decent collection of movies. There's just way to many barriers that DD has to overcome before it is widely accepted.

IntelligentAj3805d ago

Yeah. It's not the time yet for DD. Download speed would have to significantly improve and even if you follow Moore's law it'll take another 2-3 years for the speeds to improve(assuming the Telecom companies pour all their profits into improving bandwidth)

LastDance3805d ago

yeah, alot of people have been saying their "connected" to everything and DD is good. But even the most savvy computer whizz in the world isnt connect to their friends and family and so forth. I think when they are.. is when DD will be the in thing. But DD has to be able to do everything Dvd could do and then some.

Thats when all that robocop Sh!t will start aswell.
lol:P jk.

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Meus Renaissance3805d ago

Blu-Ray sales will blow Digital Distribution figures out of the water. Guaranteed. HD-DVD in its current state is a bigger threat

Silverwolf3805d ago

I want my movies on disk. There's no real ownership sense with digital downloads.

Silellak3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Anyone putting their faith in digital downloads simply doesn't understand the inherent social aspects of having a physical copy.

I can lend physical games and movies to my friends. I can't do so with a digital copy - at least not without a good deal more work. Take, for instance, the TV show Firefly - it got really popular after it was cancelled because the fans were lending the DVD collection of the series to friends of theirs, who then went and bought their own copies. You'd never see that happen with digital downloads.

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