Destructoid interview: Hal Halpin

Any reader who consistently tracks the political side of videogames should be aware of Hal Halpin. President of the Crest Group, the games industry consultancy that manages The Electronic Consumers Association, Halpin is frequently seen at the forefront of the battles between videogames and their nemeses. In fact, the ECA is a body set up to deal with this very battle.

The ECA represents us, the gaming consumers, the ones who are told what we should and shouldn't buy by attackers of the games industry. Hal Halpin is important to us because when we need representing, he is the man you call. Having also founded such fine Web sites as GamePolitics, the ECA is an intelligent and measured voice for the gaming public.

Destructoid and Hal got chatting about the often insulting mainstream coverage of videogames, the harsh critics that want to paint interactive software as a moral cesspool, and the general problems that face videogames in the mainstream spotlight.

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