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GameDynamo - "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is not Super Smash Bros. with Sony characters, but rather a clever new game with enough depth and personality to earn itself a place among the fighting genre's best."

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DivineAssault 1816d ago

cant wait to get this tomorrow.. Cross buy is gonna be cool for this but im not gonna have a chance to play until i finish AC3

Neo-Axl1816d ago

Finally a review that appreciates the gameplay as much as I do! Great read!

Om3ga3701816d ago

Finally, a developer that doesn't rate it low because it's a SSB clone; they actually rate it based on what it is: a Sony beat-em up. I am content.

MaxXAttaxX1816d ago

There are several 9s and 8.5s reviews here on N4G.
But only the low ones got views.

strigoi8141816d ago

reviewer who call this game same as smash brawl is not a hardcore my opinion

More like attention seeker