GTA V Zombies Mod On Multiplayer Desired By Fans

Techtorial: Anticipation for GTA V includes mods and some enthusiasts are wishful about incorporating zombies on the sandbox title with multiplayer support.

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Valenka1938d ago

I can see it as an interesting concept, but no thank you. I've had enough of zombies to last the rest of my life. You want sandbox zombies? I recommend WarZ or DayZ, then.

NegativeCreepWA1938d ago

How is WarZ compared to DayZ? Anyone know?

ab5olut10n1938d ago

from what i'm hearing the war z will never be legit, DayZ seems the way to go

NegativeCreepWA1938d ago

DayZ is so unrefined it annoys me. I'm waiting for the stand alone to really get into it. I want something that doesn't feel like a mod.

MysticStrummer1938d ago

I hope so. When I played RDR's Undead Nightmare I kept thinking about a zombie mode in GTA.

ab5olut10n1938d ago

with the worlds R* creates this would really be cool, just for the city planning alone. imagine sprinting down one of gta4's anonymous alleys with a horde of zombies in pursuit. or hiding out in playboy's loft and looking down from the roof at the sea of undead surrounding you.

ThichQuangDuck1938d ago

Would much rather have a matrix esque mod where the player can enter one cheat code and not invincibility and roam around. That or who can last the longest with six stars. Zombie modes are kind of played out this generation to me and have gotten stale. Something new needs to be thought of