CVG: Pure: Exclusive First In-Game Footage

CVG writes:

"We've told you that the recently-announced off-road ATV game Pure looked pretty good when we saw it a while back. Well here's the first in-game footage confirming just that.

During a recent event in London we walked away quietly impressed. With it's high-detailed visuals, geometry similar in depth (if not deeper) than Colin McRae: Dirt, the ex-Moto GP boys appear to have done good."

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predator3777d ago

wow!!! that looks like so much fun to play.

MK_Red3777d ago

Wow. The actual game looks exceptionally good and way better than most of the games in the genre. It makes MX vs ATV Untamed look like a PSone game.
And the gameplay looks actually cool and overall, this seems like a great mix of MotorStorm and DiRT, my fave racers of 2007.

Bordel_19003777d ago

Looks really nice. Looking forward to seeing more of this game.

spandexxking3777d ago

looking good. i might actually get my ATV fix after the disappointment of MTX vs ATV

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