Breaking Gaming’s Fourth Wall

OmniGamer Writes "Too much to play, too little time. It tends to be a problem most gamers are confronted with at this time of the year. And albeit not exactly the worst problem to have, but still an unnecessary problem that could easily be rectified. It’s a trend – and what I’m calling the fourth wall that is yet to be broken – of the video game industry for publishers/developers to release their games’ between September-December, causing gaming- claustrophobia*."

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ATi_Elite1512d ago

I got way too many PC Games to play.....don't really have time for all of them!

I'm even playing Minecraft at work.....maybe I can sneak another game on my companies server!

ape0071512d ago

playing mincraft at work..... this is AWESOME :D

XB1_PS41512d ago

I literally have around 15 games on steam I haven't even tried yet because of the steam sale, and the new Humble Bundle.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1512d ago

Got 2 games on the back burner. Not really much I really wanna play until next year.

MrGunny941512d ago

Got many many games from PC to consoles to handhelds... But i put all that behind to take care of my sick wife :)

Conzul1512d ago

Hope she gets better.

MrGunny941511d ago

Thanks guys! I was once a gamer who had nothing more in life then games! But now i have my wife and i have to take care of her interests and mine

She doesn't get along with gaming besides Singstar but we try to show each one of us own worlds

DragonKnight1512d ago

Priorities... GunBlazing09 has them right.

Agree to Conzul's sentiment.

TheEnigma3131512d ago (Edited 1512d ago )

Who ever thumbed you down is a jerk. Not cool

kma2k1512d ago

sad to say i have actually played & finished every imo worth wile release this year. With the exception on Hitman my disc was messed up & am waiting on a new one. Only Far Cry 3 & The walking dead to go! Thank you gamefly!

majiebeast1512d ago

Got a backlog of 14 games at this point thats on ps3 and wii alone then with pc games i still wanna finish its at 20-25.

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