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Team Regicide Playlist Coming To Halo 4 Next Week, FFA Throwback Being Removed

Continuing the weekly push of fresh playlists, 343 has revealed that Team Regicide will be replacing FFA Throwback starting on Monday. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

BringingTheThunder  +   757d ago
sweet. team regicide sounds fun!
jessicasherwood3   755d ago | Spam
TrendyGamers  +   756d ago
I think SWAT should just be added to the permanent playlists at this point.
Relientk77  +   756d ago
^ This
TrendyGamers  +   756d ago
Yeah, it's been doing so well since they added it.
SJPFTL  +   755d ago
SWAT is not Halo. 343 should not pander to the COD noobs
animegamingnerd  +   755d ago
swat has been in halo for a long time ever since halo 2 i think
DarkBlood  +   755d ago
yeah ive gotten pretty good at it or should i say fast at it since in any mode beside flood i always automatically aim for the head as fast as i can
Relientk77  +   756d ago
I miss SWAT and don't understand why they won't just permanently have it on the playlists

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