The WarZ Team Blacklists Customers Asking For Refunds

The WarZ, and Hammerpoint Interactive, is blacklisting customers asking for a refund.

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AztecFalcon2004d ago

I think the craziest thing is they may abandon the game completely in 6 months.

WarPonyDestroyer2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

That's how cash grabs usually work. Sell them lemmings what they want to hear.

I guess I got my refund at the right time. I had to argue with them via Paypal but they finally gave it to me. Secret is proving your pc can't run the game. Then they proceeded to tell me my account is banned from purchasing the game forever. They decided to leave my account active too. Real genius on their end.

Sucks for the kid that eventually gets a gaming pc that can run the game, tries to come back to the game but panties ruffled butthurt dev says no.

A turds a turd, no matter how you sell it.
Shady business all around.

ATi_Elite2004d ago

To me it seems Hammerpoint is just using PC Gamers to set up WarZ console production funding!

I've always said since i first saw Warz that it seemed like a console game and not a PC Game and to hear all the GROSS and POOR customer Service complaints makes me believe Hammerpoint does not care!

The Game is buggy and full of HACKERS! People are spending money and being Hacked and or Banned with no refunds, the Game is Extremely set-up to be Pay to Win, and Hammerpoint isn't addressing these issues!

I just feel they are grabbing PC Gamers money to finance a console release!

*Warz has great potential and if released on a console with these problems corrected I feel Warz console will be great a PC Gamer i just can't see spending money on this game with all it's issues and DayZ sitting right there!

Warz is not as demanding system spec wise or as hardcore gameplay wise as Dayz so more casual gamers may enjoy it! Check it out....but be careful spending money on it!

PrimeLantern2004d ago

If these reports say anything, it is to be careful with your money with this company right now. You're right.

noxeven2003d ago

this why they are not getting any of my money. I've played a lot of f2p games in my day but none did anything like this

Pillsbury12003d ago

I hope games like the war z and hopefully day z do come to

RuperttheBear2003d ago

After all that's been reported on War Z you still want it on consoles?

WarPonyDestroyer2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Dayz sure. Their Dev team should get all the accolades for bringing this game genre to the masses.

BioDio2003d ago

I bought it and trying to get a refund for a week now... and still don't have a response.

DO NOT buy WarZ. Support is AWFUL, and that game isn't getting as much relevant updates as it should... Just saying this because, DayZ is on the corner and it looks much more trustworthy.

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The story is too old to be commented.