Meet a Man Who Made It Through ZombiU Without Dying. He Has Some Tips For You.

Kotaku- ZombiU is the Wii U's extremely difficult survival horror first-person shooter. You're not supposed to be able to make it through it in one life, though the game's Survival mode challenges you to do that.

A few brave souls have cleared Survival mode. About 13 of them so far, it seems. Most of them have been praised by the developers—in the game. One of those ZombiU daredevils is schoolteacher Eric Beasley, known as DeDeDe on the Wii U's MiiVerse and on the ZombiU leaderboard.

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Godmars2901820d ago

Is it really a good thing that a game has been mastered so soon after release?

admiralvic1820d ago

Does it really matter?

Most games get figured out pretty quickly (how long was The Bee a secret in Borderlands 2? 1 - 3 days max...), though none of this really affects anyones enjoyment. It's not like the Zombi U is a worse game because some people beat it without dying and this will probably be a feat most gamers never accomplish even if they love the game.

guitarded771820d ago

Come on Godmars... people ran through Skyrim in just a matter of hours, and people have beaten both Souls games with no deaths. It shouldn't take anything away from the greatness of the game. I really like Zombie U, and it's challenging for me, but I'm not a savant that can master any one game. You know how bad I am about having to play every game ever made :D

Enigma_20991820d ago

If the game is fun to play, why would this matter?

N4g_null1820d ago

Yes it is lol. By the time I got some free time from work I had saw some one beat it lol. Got sucked into bops2 and then Mario. Omg I bought too many games!

Still havnt died in zombiu. Looking for a high score rather than completing. I'm going to be playing this one for a while.

1819d ago
RFornillos41820d ago

it doesn't mean it won't still be a challenge for the others. those who finished it had enough speed, skills, strategy and luck to finish it quick. also, if you read the article, he didn't go for high score and all, only survival. which means, if you aim for high score + survival, finishing the game would naturally take longer.

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konnerbllb1820d ago

He played about 24 hours total in all attempts. That's not even going back and goofing off in normal mode or playing MP. $60 / 24 = $2.50 an hour. Way cheaper than a movie and once you factor in the replay value I mentioned above it's even cheaper. Yes this is a good purchase for those who like survival horror and zombies.

camel_toad1820d ago

I want my bricked wii u back from Nintendo. I was enjoying this game.

guitarded771820d ago

I want you to get it back too so I can finally add another friend to my Wii U list. So what happened anyway? Did you get to play it at all before she crapped out?

ZeekQuattro1820d ago

From the update? I'm kinda glad mine isn't hooked up to the net. I'm having too much fun with it to have it bricked.

camel_toad1820d ago


Yeh I got to play a little bit of ZombiU (just enough to die already from carelessness heh) and a little Nintendoland and COD. Gamefly'ed COD just because I knew it was 1080p heh.


It happened a couple of days after the launch update. Just went to the eShop and it froze. Powered down with the power button and it never would come back on again. At least there's other consoles and other games to play while I wait though.

Spookshow1820d ago

Games like WoW, Diablo, etc are beaten hours ahed of their releases, so I'm pretty sure we'll be alright... lol

Feldman90001820d ago

This guy is actually my cousin.

troygdoor1820d ago

Yes, yes I am. I'm surprised you found this article buried under all the news of the day.

ThanatosDMC1820d ago

I thought the game was open world survival instead of this linear game. I had high hopes too.

guitarded771820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Nah, it has sections kinda like the first Bioshock. You can fast travel to those sections through the sewer. Still a good game though. I think you'd like it considering your taste in more tactical type of shooters. In reality, it's really not a shooter... more bashing than anything, and the shooting mechanic doesn't feel like a tight shooter... maybe it's for dramatic effect.

konnerbllb1820d ago

I'm anxious to play it. The way you just described it, its sounds like a more hardcore dead island, which is fine.

ThanatosDMC1819d ago

I was expecting a Day Z type game especially when they talked about characters having permanent death and surviving. However their definition of random is just another character spawning in a different skin but you still go through the same route.

I was hoping they'd spawn in different parts of the city. Then the player tries to survive for as long as he can while getting bits and pieces of the story/background of the zombie apocalypse... but instead there's the guy on the radio telling you what to do and scripted events like defending your base and etc.

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