Over 160,000 PS Vitas, 525,000 PS3 Sold During Black Friday Week

With Sony aggressively bundling and price cutting the PS3 and PS Vita during the US' busy Black Friday, hundreds of thousands of gamers have bought themselves a Christmas present they won't regret. - PSLS

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Seraphemz1725d ago

Those are great numbers for SONY...

Abash1725d ago

Indeed they are, seems like PS3 and 360 have a very close holiday season this year

doctorstrange1725d ago

Not that it really matters as long as they sell enough for devs to want to make games for them and MS and Sony to release successors.

MadMen1725d ago

Xbox sold 225k more, what math are you using

Very good and much needed numbers for Vita

GribbleGrunger1725d ago

Dear God, VGChartz have wildly undertracked the Vita and the PS3 this week:

kneon1725d ago


And of course they also over track the 360, so it's business as usual at VGChartz.

GribbleGrunger1725d ago

Who said anything about them 'undertracking' the 360? Can we for once just talk about the subject of this thread on not make assumptions that lead to disharmony.

XB1_PS41725d ago

I've been waiting for the vita numbers. I bought one of those 160k vitas, but I was still concerned that it wouldn't sell well. I'm satisfied with those numbers.. Now keep em up sony!

ALLWRONG1725d ago

"seems like PS3 and 360 have a very close holiday season this year"


BitbyDeath1725d ago

Sony already announced passing 70million earlier this month so you'd think VGChartz could at least get that right...

Ares901724d ago

True, but they sell a lot of them at a much cheaper price.

tiffac0081724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )


Bro, VGChartz can't even make their adjustments right. As you can see their update is not in line with the announcement.


VGChartz makes estimates on consoles SOLD to consumers. Their numbers does not reflect the official SHIPPED numbers which is sold to retailers. So there will be a difference.

Ju1724d ago

^^ Maybe. But you can't sell more to consumers than you actually ship to

tiffac0081724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

^ Was the numbers given by Sony SHIPPED? I thought it was like with MS and Ninty's announcement which were both SOLD to consumers?

Because the numbers announced by MS and Ninty clearly reflects in VGChartz numbers.

This needs to be clarified.

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Anon19741725d ago

Wow. Surprised that sales were actually up compared to last year. Everyone has seen a decline in the US this year. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time we've actually seen a system sell more than last year. This bodes well for the PS3 and Vita this holiday season.

I also think Sony needs to advertise the hell out of PSN+. It's a huge feather in their cap.

Seraphemz1725d ago

Like I said below.. PS+ is amazing, all those games are well worth it.

guitarded771725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

The US is actually in a recovery at the moment, and Black Friday spending is up 14% from last year. Hopefully this trend will keep on through 2013. My family's small business has had it's best year ever, and it's been around since the 60's, so that's good for us. More games for me :D

I agree about advertising. It's common knowledge to us, but most people without a PS3 have no clue what the system offers. Once they find out, it becomes something they're interested in.

Biggest1724d ago

While the U.S. economy has been on the rebound, darkride66's comment spoke to the sales of consoles. The PS3 is the only console to sell more this year than last during Black Friday. The 360 was down some 210,000 sold. The Wii was down from last year (but the original DS was up) as well. Sony was up 9% from last Black Friday.

vickers5001725d ago

Wish they'd drop the price of the memory cards. They're outrageously overpriced for what they are, I think I even read that they have pretty low speeds compared to the higher end (non proprietary) cards, meaning 80+ is way too much.

The 32gb cards should be $50 at MAX. I'm one of the people who decided to bite on the AC3:L bundle on Black Friday, and while I got a great deal with a ton of games, I'll only be able to play one of them at a time, then delete that game, download something else and then play that.

Simon_Brezhnev1725d ago

Yeah them overprice memory cards pissed me off. I dont know why they dont let you use regular sd cards but probably so it cant be hacked no time soon.

I wanted the AC3 bundle but best buy only offered the COD one. I also had to delete and redownload games just to try them out. Since they gave us that shitty 4gb.

miyamoto1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I don't think sony or Lexmark will be dropping the memory card prices. i just shopped around for an 8GB memory stick for my PSP and they are just as expensive since 2004.

Going for a generic on Amazon

PSVita 2000 must have Gorilla Glass 2 next year!

PS vita bundles sold out ...hmn that must mean limited supply i hope sony has more stock for Christmas,,,

Knushwood Butt1724d ago

I'd like them to lower the prices and release a 64GB card.

GraveLord1725d ago

Yup. PS3 up YoY while 360 is down YoY.(by double digits)

Vita sales are great considering how it sold last month.(less than this Black Friday week)

andibandit1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

An interesting way to put it, i guess anything can sound like a positive or negative depending on how you word it. Heres another wording:

Yup, 360 had a less amazing black friday this year, still pwned PS3 sales tho(By double digits).

DragonKnight1724d ago

Here's a third way of putting it. Going into the holiday season before Black Friday, PS3 was 200K units ahead of the 360. After Black Friday, they are now at an even number with each other.

ritsuka6661725d ago

No, they are bad numbers for Vita. They had massive deals everywhere, and this is the month where there two biggest games for like the next year (CoD and AC) both launched. Sigh...

DarkHeroZX1724d ago

those numbers are extremely high. I was expecting around 70,000 at the most. With vita fighting against the more appealing ps3 and 360 bundles I didn't expect the numbers to be that high. Then you have the Wii U and the 3DS. I in all honesty didn't expect it to sell this much at all.

Buff10441724d ago

160,000 Vita is good, but Sony needs to have deals like that after the holidays as well. Congrats, 160,000 shoppers picked up an excellent deal, but what will that amount to starting January and throughout 2013?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

And once again MS wins the black friday holiday numbers.

Good numbers for everyone, but if you have to pick one winner based on numbers, the stats don't lie.

Funny reading people say 360 didn't have more sales then last years black friday. More than likely because so many have a 360 already. But boy did xbox live gold take off again this year.

@axel rose below... do you have any links that state xbox was supposed to outsell ps3 this black friday by 2 to 1 margin? Sounds like you're in damage control.

CryofSilence1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

Don't rely on VGChartz, though their estimates are generally good; it's their cumulatives that are off. Microsoft announced 70 million sold units about a month prior to Sony announcing the same feat, and the PS3 was handily outselling the Xbox 360 worldwide on a weekly basis for nearly the whole year (and almost every year). Now, since we're approaching Christmas, America universally celebrates it with gifts, unlike non-christain denominations, other countries, etc., so we can expect the Xbox 360 to expand its 100k-300k margin by a bit; however, once the holiday crazy dies down, I predict that the PS3 will finally surpass the 360 worldwide. I like both systems, and I'm glad to see them both doing well. I also find it remarkable that the PS3 matched the 360's sales in a year less. Anyone who says any console failed this generation is just uninformed/trolling. Celebrate that we're heading out of the recession!

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Sev1725d ago

So, the PS3 did better than the Wii U, but fell short of the 360.

Thank god the Vita is picking up. That bundle was too good to pass up.

dbjj120881725d ago

Halo 4 really held it together for Microsoft his year. And yeah, if I hadn't already got a Vita the bundles available were awesome.

doctorstrange1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

More people should have bought it, great deal.

Outside_ofthe_Box1725d ago

Yeah, I got the vita during that week. Good to see Vita sales picking up though I was hoping it would sell a bit more.