'God of War' Adaptation Will Be “bold,” Says Writers

Progress on the movie adaptation of Sony Santa Monica’s "God of War" franchise is apparently going well, according to writing duo Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan.

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Jinkies1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

and will be crap because it won't follow the source material properly.

I'd rather have a movie nearly word to word like in the games rather then a one where the writter is making crap up.

Just get Terrence C. Carson, put him on a massive workout/diet and let him play Kratos. Same goes for Nolan North as Drake in the Uncharted film.

SyWolf1935d ago

The beauty of modern rendering technology is that we can have Kratos and Nathan Drake in all their glory without needing an actual physical actor to play the roll. Yay for the future.

Ultr1935d ago you go back to that site, and NOT JUST READ THE TITLE but the article and what the writers ACTUALLY said!

"Sony games, you think they'd be sacred about the origin story and all of that, but they were encouraging us to make it different from THOSE movies and if that means going in dramatic shifts, they were cool with it. And they're involved."

They never said anything about it not fallowing the source material

BitbyDeath1935d ago

So on one hand you saying they're going to go far away from the source material and the next your saying they should get a black guy to play as Kratos?
Kratos is one of the whittest people around especially when he becomes the Ghost of Sparta and before then he has golden skin.

You may as well expect the next James Bond to be asian.

Buttons1935d ago

You're implying just because his skin his white he's Caucasian? Have you seen someone so albino, you ass? Are you telling me you couldn't take Djimon Hounsou, put some white makeup on him and make him Kratos?

BitbyDeath1935d ago

Yes, that is exactly what i'm saying.
Sure they can dress him up like the movie 'White Chicks' but what's the point when it won't look like Kratos.

Kratos is a Spartan.

Heavenly King1935d ago

@buttons: Have you ever played GOW1? Kratos is Caucasian.

CalvinKlein1935d ago

who cares about the story, its not like they are butchering some amazing story with deep meaning. Its just kratos killing stuff from greek mythology.

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calis1935d ago

They really seem to be pushing this forward. As long as they don't make it a PG movie.

BitbyDeath1935d ago

The guys that are making this made Saw.
I don't think we'll have a problem there.

rainslacker1935d ago

Is it just me...or am I the only one who would rather play a game to see it's story over watching it in a theater.

Pillsbury11935d ago

Please don't screw this up Sony.