Wii U Haters Need to Be Educated

Nintendo has just released its latest piece of console magic with the Wii U. While it’s been popular enough to have trouble staying on store shelves, there is a vitriolic group of gamers who only wants to see the Wii U burn forever in console hell. So why are these people so full of hatred? Could it perhaps be due to the fact that they don’t really understand the technology?

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hennessey862002d ago

But there is no stand out title that is forcing me to take out my wallet. Hopefully that will announce something soon.

iamnsuperman2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Well that's really my issue. Nintendo could have a thing forged by the gods that created man itself or a pile of rubbish and I wouldn't care. If the games interest me I will pick it up. Saying that Nintendo haven't shown me a game that is interesting to me. Maybe in the future but I am not buying a system until I see a game I really want to play.

guitarded772002d ago

That's a fair argument... I got mine day 1, but there were a few games I wanted to play on it. I can certainly understand waiting for something like Zelda or Metroid. I just sold my Wii early in its lifecycle because I didn't like it, but there are several Wii games I missed out on like Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles, so for me the Wii U was okay to get early on since I wanted to play the Wii U games and some of the back catalog of Wii games.

Wolfbiker2002d ago

The worst that can happen is Zelda, Mario and Samus join you in HD =]

not to mention whatever genius the guys at Monolith come up with lol

disturbing_flame2002d ago

It's not WiiU haters that should be educated. More and more webzines and so called journalists have been through years building their articles on console war, on doom articles and click oriented reviews. This has generated all those cycles where everyone copy each other, there are no more opinions, there are good or bad opinions, and that's a problem.

Gamers are just following the trend initiated by some stupid people. The result you can see it everyday in those headlines that have more impact than the content of an article.

It's time for the industry to be smart, produce more interesting articles and review, maybe it will make things go a little better for readers.

32froshes2002d ago

The problem with that assessment is that the reader base is driving traffic, and traffic is driving ad dollars. There are legitimate journalistic gaming sites out there, and they're being overrun by the one-click hype machine. Stop clicking it if you want it to change. In the meantime, what you click is what you get.

1upgamer992002d ago

Hey, Here are links for Nintendo haters from DEVELOPERS talking about the Wii U, EDUCATE yourselves.
Trytek wii u cryengin 3

The list of good things about the Wii U go on and on..

My Question is if you are a "Gamer" why would you not want to have Wii U. The Graphics are not crap, and the list of exclusives is growing. The new Zelda is going to be "the biggest most detailed world" Nintendo has ever created. I can only imagine what Nintendo will do with it. Other great exclusives, ZOMBIU, People either love it or hate it. I like survival horror and I LOVE IT. Coming up also Bayonetta 2, Fatal Frame, Mario 3D platformer, Smash Bros, Sin and Punishment, Rumor Eternal Darkness2 (if you have not played Eternal Darkness its AMAZING), Metroid, Nintendo added 50 plus IPs in the last 12 years. You can not get em anywhere else. Nintendo offers more Exclusive content than Sony and Microsoft combined. I love my PS3, and my computer, But I love Nintendo too.

deafdani2002d ago

"Nintendo offers more Exclusive content than Sony and Microsoft combined."

That's a bit of an hyperbole. Sony is actually the company that offered the most exclusive content on this generation of consoles, even more than Nintendo themselves, and most of said exclusive content range from good to superb.

It's Microsoft who's really lacking at exclusives at the moment. Sony and Nintendo are both pretty good in that regard.

1upgamer992002d ago

Yes, true. I meant overall. Microsoft, as far as I am concerned with Xbox is nothing but a cheap PC, at least as far as games are concerned. You wait LONG ENOUGH and the exclusive games come out on PC, and that is a fact. Of coarse the Xbox fanboys are going to disagree. If you are a TRUE "GAMER" ,and you want games that you can not get ANYWHERE else, Sony and Nintendo take the cake. I could care less what any 360 fanboy says. Xbox live is the only A the 360's got OH wait the fanboys are going to say HALO...guess what... Once again they will all come to PC. Now with Wii U the Online is FAR BETTER than the 360, Oh wait a fanboy that has not been online with Wii U is going to say WTF Not true...etc...Sony as far as I am concerned the online was sub par ( the Wii took the cake for being sub par) Nintendo is now in the game, and even though Sony did have more IPS than Nintendo this Gen, OVERALL Nintendo owns More AAA IPS than Microsoft and Sony combined....that was my point. I mean really even if you or I don't like some of the AAA games they are still AAA. Perhaps some Sony People like Ratchet and Clank and perhaps some people don't. I personally do because the games are FUN..that is what I care are not always about Kill streaks. Kill streaks DO NOT make a "Core Gamer" A gamer care about GREAT GAMES...Not How many baddies you killed...Freaking stupid...I have to wonder How many people that THINK they are "Core Gamers" Have even played Zelda Ocarina of Time and beat it...That according to MOST websites is the BEST game of all time, And overall it is...I am so freaking sick of people even thinking that "Core gamers" even matter, I mean do they???? Most of my friends have 2 consoles and PC's, Enjoy games, have fun with them, buy "core games" BUT DO NOT sit there and say well UH , "the 360 Version looks better than your PS3 version" and "like Dude have you seen the Wii U it is so, like it is so less powerful than my ford escort" " NO, they are grown ups and Like GAMES....Some of Us even like to just PLAY TO PLAY...yeah I went on a rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christopher2002d ago

Writing articles on the idiocy of idiots is about as valuable as feeding trolls.

The reason people hate any console is because they're ignorant, simple minded, or just want attention. It doesn't matter if the Wii U was just as powerful as a modern-day gaming PC rig, there would still be idiots who would say "Why get that now when I can get better than a gaming PC with PS4/Xbox 720?" Seriously, people will find stupid stuff to say and argue over.

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