Professional Gamer, a Tax Write Off

All of us feel the wrath of Uncle Sam in our everyday lives. We pay taxes on everything from the food that we eat, the paper that we write on, the books that we read, and the music that we listen to. Americans will always look forward to paying taxes on everything and anything that they purchase. Thankfully, for those filling out tax forms at the end of the year, there are ways of getting your hard earned money back that you have spent on certain items. Something that a lot of people overlook when filling out taxes is the all-powerful "write-off," allowing you to receive money back on certain items, events, etc.

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Tempist3833d ago

I don't understand how playing games can be classified as a job.

I'll put it in this respect; would as many people be hard honest workers if we could get paid for jerkin' it in our homes?

Pornstar is a job that requires more skill than a gamer.

Yi-Long3833d ago

... but here in Holland it's pretty steep. (35% and over on income tax, and 20% on salestax...), so any help to get some money back is welocme...

GodsHand3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )


Is that for singles or couples/dependents?

It's like 12% + State tax (not all states do state tax, Texas being one that dont) here in the US, sales tax varies by state. Texas is 8.25%.

Yi-Long3833d ago

Income-tax is for everyone with an income. So if you have a job and make money, more than 1/3rd of it goes straight to the goverment, and after that you will still pay salestax (20%) for pretty much everything you buy, plus fuel etc has a HUGE amount of taxes on it, and you will have to pay some small local taxes as well.
And when you die, the first one at your relatives' door will be the goverment who once again wants a share of whatever you left behind...

The Dutch goverment are criminals.

ambientFLIER3833d ago

Do you at least have free healthcare for those high taxes?