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Snookies122181d ago

Mannnn, I just bought Saints Row and Metro not too long ago... -_- Dang it all.

grailly2181d ago

yeah me to.. still buying it though but not giving much money as I own nearly every game on the bundle.

also I'm giving more money to THQ rather than HB and child's play because it feels like charity giving them money lol.


I was just going to buy Metro 2033 with Steam autumn sales. I was lucky. Now I got this excellent bundle.

SilentNegotiator2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

Less than $6 gets you everything. I'm in.

antz11042180d ago

pretty awesome bundle, grabbed it last night for $5.44

Locksus2181d ago

It's awful to see publishers having financial problems. I hate seeing studios fail.

dazzrazz2181d ago

THQ kinda failed themselves sinking substantial amount of money in this useless uDraw tablet

Phoenix762181d ago

THQ may have shot themselves in the foot with the uDraw Tablet thingy.....
But look at the success of the Skylanders Range!! most kids i know want Sky-Gaints this xmas.... my daughter included.

grailly2181d ago

@ dazzrazz: I dunno if your saying it was a good try to push uDraw. but skylanders is activation.

@locksus: I'm not sure this has anything to do with their financial issues. THQ were always really good at cutting the prices on their older games. or even giving them away for free. I'm pretty sure everybody owns darksiders at this point.

STONEY42181d ago

The management thought they could replicate their uDraw success on Wii into the HD consoles. They wasted huge amounts of money into the HD uDraw tablets and, as everyone expected, it bombed hard.

That's pretty much what really sunk them in. Jason Rubio took over as CEO soon after, acknowledging the poor decisions of the previous management. I think he's doing as much as he can, but THQ is sadly a sinking ship.

Plus, they only have until January to pay what they owe to Wells Fargo before they start being sold. I hope this bundle saves them.

Tomonobu Itagaki2181d ago

This bundle surely wont save them, but at least it will show your support to the company. They provided some great new IPs to this generation and could deliver even more.

Locksus2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Indeed, bubbles for you! THQ has published very solid titles this generation, but the Red Faction series, for example, didn't success commercially, which is a shame. I hope they can recover from this. They've been around in the gaming industry as long as I can remember

humbleopinion2181d ago

This bundle is not supposed to save them - especially if people keep paying 5$ for it.

What it is supposed to do is build an established relationship with you as a customer: THQ was nice to you and offered some great games from their back catalog. All you have to do is play them.

After trying these games, did you like Darksiders? If so, how about buying the sequel now to show your support and play another great game?
did you like COH? Or perhaps Metro 2033? How about now pre-ordering the sequels which are coming out early next year to truely show your support? This will signal THQ that people want these games, signal the retailers there's a demand for THQ games and so they should order more copies, and the money you put in might help these games come out faster.
It's a win-win for everyone involved - and that's how you can really show your support.

ThanatosDMC2181d ago

Sadly, i have all the games they're offering so it's useless to me. They should make a second bundle or something.

STONEY42181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

"This bundle is not supposed to save them - especially if people keep paying 5$ for it.

What it is supposed to do is build an established relationship with you as a customer: THQ was nice to you and offered some great games from their back catalog. All you have to do is play them. "

It's to help save them. At their current state, they might not even last until their next game release. I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news, but their situation is terrible.

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Megaton2181d ago

I could very easily game in a world without THQ. The only property I'm worried about is Saints Row. I wanna make sure that lands safely when the company crumbles.

Welshy2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You realise that THQ are among the only publishers who haven't declared war on used sales and are against the ever increasing cost of games at retail.

They also believe that games should be on tiered prices depending on their content and potential. A 5 hour campaign with tacked on online would be £25 or £30 under THQ in place of the £40-45 the likes of Activision and EA would charge you.

It's ironic that the "good guys" are in financial trouble and the massive D-bags of the industry continue to break sales records and recieve unconditonal support from the masses.

Support THQ! Go and buy some of their games!

Edit: @FatOldMan

They are substantially less evil than the likes of Activision, EA and Capcom. I'd say enough so that i could easily brand them among the good guys this gen.

The main difference bewtween THQ online passes and the rest, is not that i believe they are good in any way, shape or form, but they they actually NEED the money and it benefits them ina genuine way.

Do EA need more cash from the already multi-million selling titles like FIFA and BF? Hell no! But THQ do genuinely need that cash, so if im going to accept any form of online pass, it will be from a company who needs it in order to keep bringing me awesome titles i can't wait for like Metro Last Light.

omi25p2181d ago

You'd happily lose Metro Last Light? Have you seen how good it looks

Ducky2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't SpaceMarine and Homefront have online passes?
That, to me, is fighting used game sales.

They've also gone a bit cookoo with DLC. DoW:Retribution and SaintsRow3 in particular had an obscene amount of DLC.

They also increased prices. CompanyOfHeroes2 and Metro:LastLight are $60 on PC, when PC games should typically be $50 instead.

THQ might not be menacingly evil, but they're not really in the 'good guys' group either.

Megaton2181d ago

@Faceless - THQ actually started the online pass, barely beating EA to the punch with its UFC games. They also took disc-locked content to disgusting levels with Saints Row 3. Cutting lots of costumes, some included in SR2, others being simple paint jobs, and parting them out into a million DLC packs.

THQ is no hero.

Braid2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

@ Megaton,

They released Darksiders, so they are heroes to me.

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grailly2181d ago

unfortunately it doesn't make much of a difference, it's still dangerousely low... I've bought some of their stock for 4$ when I thought it was already very low. bad mistake lol.

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Enmson2181d ago

i have most of those games but i want to know, if i buy this bundle will it be and extra game in my inventory?

Ducky2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

SaintsRow3 will have its own key, but you won't get individual keys for the other games.

So, suppose if you already own Metro, you won't get a spare copy of Metro on steam.

Tomonobu Itagaki2181d ago

Indeed. If you already have them, you wont have an extra copy to offer.

chasegarcia2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

I bought the games and paid above average just to help THQ. I could have easily pirated them. Hopefully other gamers do the same.

Farsendor12181d ago

so do you pirate games often?

Jac5al2181d ago

I bought it. Hopefully this helps THQ out, I don't want to see another developer/publisher fall. + it helps out charity.

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