Sony to see 10% boost in PS3 sales

Sales of the PlayStation 3 could see a rise of up to 10 per cent in the wake of Toshiba's pull-out from the next generation DVD war as a result of educated consumers who have been waiting for the format war to end.

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rofldings3715d ago

Just like the PS and PS2

Johnny Wadd3715d ago

Not to flame or anything, but I don't think sony every went away.....
Like many said before me, Sony went through their worst "publicity" year and still sold 10 million consoles. Dismissing that fact would be like dismissing how the 360 sold 20-something million units.

marinelife93715d ago (Edited 3715d ago )

This will definitely give a boost to PS3 sales.

As will the following:

MGS4 release

GTAIV release (Both systems)

2009 discontinuation of the PS2

FFXIII release (big boost)

First release of Madden without a PS2 edition

First release of Guitar Hero/Rock Band without a PS2 edition

God of War 3

And any price drops along the way.

The PS2 console and it's readily available software is a huge deterrent to people moving up to the PS3. Sony has been loyal to this fanbase at a detriment to it's future market share. The positive side is that the PS2 continues to be a cash cow for Sony to keep the entire division in the black.

IntelligentAj3715d ago

Yeah but they don't want to be viewed as abandoning the PS2. That would harmful to their image. Most of the PS2 will jump to the PS3 in due time. I don't feel there is a need to discontinue the PS2 because it's still a very large cash cow for them. If they drop the price of the PS3 again that will spur the sales even more.

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TheExecutive3715d ago

yep like i said in an article yeterday, when Toshiba pulls out of the format war the ps3 will see a major boost in sales.

blacsheep3715d ago

and now it begins!

how does bluray winning the format war affect 360 well theres your answer!

Cartesian3D3715d ago

all territories had increased numbers for PS3 and decreased numbers for 360(except UK)

some regions like Spain or France was absolutely incredible for SONY :P

and I think after Blu-ray victory there is no doubt PS3 will sell even more in coming months..

feejo3715d ago

I don't care about a boost in sales, what I want it a price drop, and bring us the rumbble to usa NOW.

Sevir043715d ago

i mean really who would have thought the format war would have been settled 1 year after the introduction... i mean even i thought it wouldn't be for another 2 years, but hey... like i say Dont call it a come beack because they haven't left. Good Job sony, Good job

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